Manchester United thread


This thread isnt as fun as i hoped it would be. :wink:


I remember the good old days of David Moyes when the united thread was full of laughter.



Parking the bus has now been upgraded to parking and clamping!! There is no getting past that shit right there!


After Man Utd sign a deal with Tinder, José sees what the fuss is about…

:joy: Outstanding



Erm what?!


If that is the case why did they sign mourinho?


What? So why did they sign Lukaku and Fellaini? :hipster:


Add De Gea to that list, too.


I’m afraid Matic is going to be exactly what they needed to give structure to the team.


Hate to admit it, but they looked dangerous yesterday. Matic is an awesome signing for them.


Did they not play pretty well first game last season too?


Yes they did

Think Mourhino said something along them lines as well in his press conference yesterday


They did look impressive and Matic and Lukaku look like very strong additions but West Ham were shocking. Opposite of Leicester, no pressing, jogging, lacking physical challenges clearing the ball by about 2 yards or passing to United.

I’ll await some bigger challenges before crowing them champions.


Nail on the head there. Recognising they played really well and Matic and Lukaku look like good signings, but not rushing to judgment off the back of a match against a poor West Ham side.


Didn’t City have an amazing start last season too? Like 6 wins in a row. Were playing great football. Then completely faded.


We went 19 games without loosing a match last season


I hear all your points. But they had a hunger about them I havent seen since Fergie left. They were full blooded into every tackle and attacked with force.

Mourinho has his grip on this team for sure. They’ve cemented their cracks with Matic, Lukaku and the defender. Their last seasons signings have had a year to settle. Im willing to go out on a limb and say definite title challengers this season.


This is something that can’t be underestimated. Something we don’t show that often. Start of the 2nd half before the 1-2 from Leicester as latest example.