Manchester United thread


TBF Utd have done it with young and Valencia and then obviously Moses at Chelsea, seems to be becoming more common these days


So was Ashley Cole. Anyway Chamberlain has actually got good end product as a winger last season, 6 goals and 8 or 9 assists without playing that many minutes is a good return.

Also I thought this was the Man United thread, what happened here


Between someone failing at being a winger earlier in their career than later?

Would you rather I use a number of other examples? A QUICK Google search reveals:

Antonio Valencia
Hector Bellerin
Jordi Alba
David Alaba
Patrice Evra
Branislav Ivanovic
Kieran Gibbs
Erik Durm
Lukasz Piszczek
Ignazio Abate
Fabio Coentrao


Players are converted and continually developed long after they leave youth sides. I feel you are being intentionally obtuse about this subject, especially given the team we support.


Wenger converts all manner of players to all manner of positions. Cashley was a winger until 18 and was only moved to LB to get into the team. Henry was 22/23 when converted to a winger to a CF, RVP was later into his 20s when he was moved to CF, Thuram was moved from CB to the worlds best rightback in his 20s. Petit converted to a CB to a CM in his late 20s. Wiltord moved from CF to RW etc etc etc


Wow. Inflation of the transfermarkt would always happen. But the pace and the short time it’s happened is his and Chelsea’ responsibility. Since there are other clubs now who are in the mix too (Manchester City) he’s going to complain.


lol, accusing others of being intentionally obtuse. :joy: The only player on that list who was moved after turning 20 was Valencia, and he, like Ox, was a failed winger.

This^ , it’s really not that complicated, all of the examples you give @arsenescoatmaker are quite different in nature.

It’s simple, really: would we want Ox playing as a midfielder or winger? No. He was a big prospect who we invested 7 years in developing as a winger/midfielder and who proved not good enough, and we found a use for him as a wing back. Simple as.


Why has 20 years old become relevant? Wenger himself says a player is still developing until their early 20s, and even then has worked with developing older players from one position to another.

Ox displayed utter incompetence as a winger and you will find no resistance from me here. But I don’t think it’s fair to dismiss a late bloomer on the basis that they took longer than usual to find their feet.

I will also add, him at CM is equally as viable as Mertesacker at CM to me. Again, no resistance from me there.


Just like Victor Moses or Antonio Valencia or Ashley Young, he’s not a late bloomer. He’s a limited footballer who fits better as a wing back, when the hopes for him were much more. This is getting tiring.


A fair assessment tbh. Late bloomer was totally wrong on my part.




That says alot about Gnabry’s mentality to be fair he wants games.

He could of gone to Bayern and rode the bench like Kingsley Coman or Renato Sanches did last ssn who had 21 starts between them but instead his choose to go to Hoffenheim where he’ll be starting week in week out (which is one of the reasons he left us for Werder Bremen) for one of the best up and coming managers around (Nagelsmann) and possibly be playing Champions League football while he’s at it too if they can get through the Quali’s that is.


Arseblog on Mourinho’s comment that the transfer market is out of control :grin:


Tinder to sponsor Man United. Still won’t see any decent matches…


Martial still won’t get a match


we dont have onedo we, we are fucking useless at everything as a club, get shit deals no partners in comparison to some shit terms if we do fucking hell we cant even sort out contracts either unless it is wengers…club is so far behind everyone its sad. Just get the feeling the club is not going anywhere if anything its going backwards and with most of the board and staff we will never likely see a major honour again…unless we get someone competent to replace wenger and he brings his own staff with him. Dont trust this club to get the right person after wenger either.


we should probably all just commit suiscide


Commit suicide over a football club, nah i dont go to that extreme. But it is not to say that such a big club is being run like it is amateur hour. We have missed out on so much and done so much wrong and we STILL do not learn from the past or from mistakes and we are still making stupid decisions, it beyond annoying now!


Well you could always choose another hobby if you hate it that much


Why go to this extreme. What is wrong in pointing out the fucking obvious, we are always late to the party we make the same mistakes over and over again, we keep crap players on high contracts which we cannot fucking get rid of and do so many bloody stupid things to hinder our progress. What is wrong in being honest about this and being upset about it. Arsenal could and should be so much better than this and performing a lot better also but we are lagging so far behind because the powers that be cant get their fucking shit together…how are we meant to be the powerhouse we are capable of being with so many stupid fucking annoying things that are easily fixable never been bloody done!