Manchester United thread


I was of the understanding they qualified for this seasons Champions League, but I could be wrong.


@Aussiegooner my post above is their league finishes. 4th last year.


What’d you expect tho ? Gnabry’s only got 38 clubs games to his name, how many players can you think of who had done anthing of note with that many games under their belt ?

Whenever Gnabry has played his showed how good he is, be it for us at youth level

With the first team

For Germany :de:

Or with Werder Bremen where he was up there with the best U21 players in Europe after effectively his first full season (27 games) too.


If he was as good as some say would he not have more games under his belt by now? Is that not what Oliver is saying?!


Gnabry is a highly rated youngster with a lot of potential that has consistently performed to a good level when granted an opportunity.

However he has done nothing to indicate he should be starting at a top club, doing so presents a high degree of risk and explains why Bayern want him but are only prepared to loan him out.

Little doubt that 3 or 4 seasons from now he is starting at a top side.


He would have if he didn’t do his knee, missed the whole of the 14/15 season because of it and practically the whole of 15/16 too because we fucked up and decided to loan him to Tony fucking Pulis who probably wouldn’t even play Özil if he had the chance the clown.


It was Gnabry’s decision to go out on loan.


“It was Serge’s express wish to spend another year on loan in order to gain more match practice,”

“In my opinion, that’s guaranteed at Hoffenheim at a high level too. Gnabry will return to Bayern after a year."

“In the name of Bayern, I wish Serge Gnabry all the best in Hoffenheim and also thank TSG for the serious and constructive talks which led to this agreement.”



The takeaway from that is that he wouldn’t be getting game time at Bayern. As I said, they want him, but are only prepared to loan him out.

@Burgundy that doesn’t support Gnabry being good enough for the first team, at all.


Why has he only got 38 club games under his belt?

Im not a big believer of judging players till they are at least 23-24 anyway. If still average by then like Theo was, then you can safely say they are average full stop. Ox is starting to show his worth at the right time.


lol, my god, what gymnastics…and I thought you were done talking about Gnabry here? :joy:

Mate, it’s really simple.

Is he better than Ox? Yes, and has been for a while.

Would he help Arsenal right now? Yes certainly, only debatable how much.

Because he literally just turned 22, he’s missed two full seasons (one due to injury, one due to Tony Pulis/Arsène Wenger’s bad loan decision). To have done as much as he’s done given that actually speaks to his quality, not detracts from it as you and others are trying to do.

I don’t see why you lot are so determined to look for any reason possible to take away from the kid. It’s a bit odd. I guess it’s probably to save face after the debate last summer? (With Oliver I’m sure it is, with you MM I don’t really get it).

The judge players by 23-24 thing is a Wenger invention. Better results at younger ages= better projection. Obviously there are all kinds of career paths but on the aggregate that is undeniably true, and age 23-24 is not some magical cut off. Ox started to show in his age 24 season that he definitively was not a winger and was a superior version of Victor Moses. Gnabry is already much more than that.


Tbf there is still that one problem that remains and that is that his head got turned by Bayern last summer.

As much as we could have used him he still wouldn’t be an Arsenal player anymore by now.


Why are you comparing a wing back and a winger again?


Amusing you think anything about this is saving face and not simply being objective in the face of your most recent young footballer obsession.


lol, because Ox was a winger until he proved himself not good enough to be one. He was a winger well after he turned 22 as Gnabry just has.


What you could do, just playing devils advocate here. Is to let your Oxlade Chamberlain obsession go. It isn’t healthy.


What I don’t think people understand is that for all the talk of finally fulfilling his promise - Ox is basically a failure as an attacker so is being shoehorned into other positions where his physics attributes will help him shine and his lack of intelligence won’t be so grossly exposed.

In other words, Ox isn’t fulfilling his potential. Because his potential was supposed to be as an attacker.



Bellerin was a winger by trade too, prior to joining Arsenal.

I don’t think you realise just how many full backs are failed wingers, ‘shoehorned into other positions’. Frame it as negatively as you like, but it is quite common, and if it comes off successfully, is no reason to be negative about.


Lol, can you really not see the difference? Btw, Bellerín was already being converted to RB when he was in La Masia.


Given Ox greatest desire is to be a central midfielder, something Wenger echoed earlier in his career, is evidence that Ox is more than just a winger turned wing back.

And a player being converted to another position during his youth is not the same as someone with 7 years of experience at a top club eventually finding his rhythm as a wing back.