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Honestly the fact you are getting into a Gnabry debate, while attempting to belittle Ox, during a Martial discussion on a United thread shows the lengths your fanboyism goes to. It’s almost autistic.

I’m gonna stay clear of anything not directly Martial or United related in here, just FYI.


He was aged 19 at that time and was also instrumental in them winning some silverware.

It was definitely a breakout season, not sure how you it can be considered otherwise.


Monaco was arguably his breakout by whats been displayed so far, in that case. I don’t really care to argue semantics if I’m honest though.


The semantical label “breakout season” or not is besides the point, the point is it was quantitatively and qualitatively far better and distinct than what Ox was doing at the same age, or even 3-4 years older.

Says the guy who brought up Gnabry in the first place and made a point to second the ridiculous Ox-Martial comparison. :joy:


I brought up your fanboyism of him, you proceeded to bite and go through another painful rehash of your adoration of a player unable to play anywhere but midtable german sides.


You’ve been arguing semantics for months with @InvincibleDB10 :laca:

We good though.




No what I challenge with him are flat out incorrect statements, like Wenger never spending a certain amount of money on a striker, or whether Sanchez is a midfielder or a forward.

Couldnt give a toss about your definition of what a breakout season is and whether another clubs player has had one or not.


I’m assuming Hoffenheim are still considered mid-table?

16/17: 4th
15/16: 15th
14/15: 8th
13/14: 9th

Werder Bremen certainly must be:
16/17: 8th
15/16: 13th
14/15: 10th
13/14: 12th

:smile: anyway back to Martial…


Couldn’t give a toss and yet you made multiple posts on the subject.

Calm down eh.


if an activity taking about 30 seconds of my time means i give a toss, then fine, i care. happy now?


Why is that Croydon boy always up for a flaming? :xhaka:


[quote=“Luca_from_Italy, post:1074, topic:132, full:true”]
Why is that Croydon boy always up for a flaming?
[/quote]Is that a 2011 London riots reference you just made Luca? :gabriel:


They are similar in their style of play. They are both pacey attacking players, who love to run with the ball, take on defenders and beat them with skill and/or pace. Martial being a forward s a much better finisher than Ox.

As for break out seasons, having one doesn’t always mean much. Ramsey had one ages ago. Having said that, all I know about Martial is from what I have seen in the premier league and I haven’t been too impressed.


Nah, just @Oliver’s attitude :wink:


They aren’t similar players at all. Them both being pacy attackers doesn’t really mean anything for their actual style of play. The fact that Martial could probably be converted into a centre forward whilst Chamberlain looks more and more like a right wing back with each passing game tells you everything about the difference between the two players.


You may laugh but Gnabry is still yet to hold down a place at a top side. Still hasn’t done anything of note yet really. Lets see what Bayern do with him.


They loaned him straight back out again didn’t they?


Yeah pretty sure he’s on loan to Hoffenheim or something.


yes, a midtable german side.

AC probably having a crank (crying wank FYI) over Gnabry right now.