Manchester United thread


heeeeeeeeeeeeey dont laugh at me :sanchez2:

just kidding i think he was overrated though but he can be a decent player wouldnt mind him or griezmann here if sanchez ends up going.


Wow that was some dribble :open_mouth:

He’s definitely got talent, not sure Mourinho is the guy to find it.


Top class finish by Fellaini


Almost as good as the video quality :smiley:


Jesus, what was that video filmed on? Super 8?


Why? Have you seen him do that often in the league? He is talented but without consistent performances that live up to the potential he has, why should anyone rate him? We have someone very similar in the Ox and lots of our own fans don’t rate him.


They have two great young attacking players in Martial and Rashford but they are at the wrong club as long as Mourinho is their manager.

He only buys proven talent and is not interested in bringing through young talent unless they can perform at the top level consistently.

Those two are wasted at Man U, I’d have either of them here.


^ indeed.


Carlos vela did better than this in actual competitive games and low and behold it didn’t mean shit…

Martial could go on to be great or he could go on to be very average, A nice bit of skill every now and again does not help you determine wether he will be great or average


Comparing Martial to Chamberlain is just lol.

In his first season with United in which he was still a teenager he shitted all over Chamberlain’s contributions thus far, after which there was a little bit of second season syndrome with the arrival of a new manager that wasn’t intent on playing him.

Martial isn’t like Chamberlain at all.


Beat me to it, well said. Ox-Martial comparison is specious in the extreme.


People forgetting just how highly rated Ox was as a teenager it seems.


This isn’t about how the player was rated, but rather his actual results at similar ages. Hence Darkseid’s line:

I suppose you’ve already realised this, though, and are just being purposefully thick in your Ox fanboyism.


No, Martial really hasnt done much of anything different to a hundred other flavour of the month young players with potential.

Laughable you of all people have the audacity to mention fanboyism given the way you go on about Gnabry.


Wait a second, Martial had his breakthrough season at a massive club as a teen with a big boy fee and finished as their top scorer.

Chambelain for all his “potential” still hasn’t had a legit breakout season and is soon to be 24, the comparison is laughable mate. Not only that he’s been moved all over the place because he can’t produce the goods as a forward.

Most if not all top players have their breakout seasons prior to the age of 21, Martial can still be a top player whereas Chamberlain would need to play Fifa to ever be a top player.


I didn’t make comparison so not sure why all of this is aimed towards me.

Also i am not sure 11 goals and 4 assists really constitutes a ‘breakout’. There is more to it than just output, but Martial is only 21, isn’t setting the world alight, and shouldn’t be first choice at a club like United.

Really not sure why people need to keep bringing Ox into it anyway. Martial is a forward, Ox is a midfielder, playing wing back no less.

edit: Martial and Iwobi would be far more appropriate.


It’s silly season so naturally people forget how average our players actually are and tend to put them on a higher pedestal. It happens every year anyway.


Don’t think it suits your case to bring up Gnabry considering this time last year you were talking about how absurd it was to say that Gnabry was as good or better than Ox…


I also said Ox should be sold because as a winger he wasn’t good enough. You can like a player and want them moved on, believe it or not.

As a Wingback however, i like him here. :slight_smile:

It also still is absurd to say Gnabry is as good or better than Ox.


Wasn’t the whole point of contention that I said that Ox should’ve been cleared out already to give a clearer path to minutes for Gnabry, and you said that was ridiculous?

It’s not at all. Gnabry as a winger being better than Ox is basically fact. Ox is a good wing back but it’s easier to find a flawed winger and convert him to wing back (Ox), or find a wing back in general, than it is to find a good winger (Gnabry).