Manchester United thread


Agreed. Would be a hugely underwhelming return.


I see Laca hitting the ground running, at Lyon he didn’t get as many chances as some other strikers do and his conversation rate was great.

Besides if all else fails there’s always pens to push him to 20 goals in the league lol.


If we get them.


There was a season not that long ago that Cazorla has something like 9 league goals and 8 penalties so it’s not impossible.

Alexis chased the ball all over the place and Giroud never outpaced anyone in the box in a way he could get in front and be brought down. In fact Giroud rarely takes more than one touch in the box so there’s not a great opportunity to take him out. He also likes to come a little deep and play flicks with his back to goal.

It seems reasonable to expect our penalty numbers will go up with someone like this in the side. I’m no expert on Lyon but there’s a certain amount of skill involved in creating a situation where you’re forcing the defender to take the chance on fouling you. If they really win so many penalties I’d assume he was playing a role in winning some of them.

Still, this sounds like textbook logic, reality is never the same :grin:


How many of the penaltys he scored last season did he win himself is the question


Penalties aren’t exactly bound to stay consistent. We’ve had seasons where out of the blue we scored a lot more goals outside the box than other years or hit the woodwork more etc. Things like that are unpredictable.


Who knows, now we have a nimble clever striker, Laca might win a few pens himself.


Who’s to say Laca will even take them lol. You know what Wenger can be like.


Dont care who takes them as long as they score.

Im pretty sure we had about 4 or 5 stonewall penalties not given last season too. It depends on the refs on any given day tbh.


So that rules out like half our team.


Arteta was the last person I was confident about taking a pen for us. I felt pretty calm with cazorla as well. Always get bad vibes from Ozil, Sanchez, Giroud, Ramsey, Theo etc


If I recall Giroud’s been pretty reliable with tbem though. Don’t think I’ve ever seen Walcott take one for us. says Giroud took forur for us and scored four.


Why are you cunts discussing who’s gonna take our penalties in this thread?

This is a 'lets all laugh at Lukaku zone god damn it.



Far cry from silky Zlatan. Link up play is gonna be horrendous. Hope he’s a nervous wreck and flops hard.



It’s far too late for me to be making the amount of noise that I made when he did that lol.




Lol at people who don’t rate him


Hopefully Mou continues to ruin him so we can go after him next summer when Alexis leaves and Mbappe goes to Madrid.