Manchester United thread


All of that is true, however on several occasions/repeatedly he kissed the Man United badge in matches against Everton, which makes him sound like a bit of a wanker now he’s giving it all this “I’ve been wearing Everton pyjamas for 13 years” shite.


^^ Only if you’re the sort of person to get worked up about a thing like that?!

I made a season long bet with my fiancé that Lacazette scores more league goals than Lukaku, am i foolish?

My honest opinion is that Lacazette will get comfortably 20+, pushed along by a few penalties in there too hopefully


Wouldn’t shock me honestly… I can see them both getting 20+ potentially, but I would actually agree with your assessment that atm the odds are in Laca’s favor to score more, as crazy as that might sound.


Huh? It’s got nothing to do with me getting worked up, for a start because I’m not worked up lol

I genuinely love Arsenal, so I wouldn’t repeatedly make a point of kissing the badge of the team I’m playing for when we match up, because doing so wouldn’t really fit with my self-professed love for Arsenal.

If you claim to have remained a fan of a certain club you don’t then kiss another teams badge when you play against them, it’s pretty basic stuff.


Might be. Lukaku already has had a 25-goal season. He has proven he can score here. Although he does need to prove himself at a bigger club.


Jakey my point was just that anyone who cares enough about Rooney’s bedroom attire to attack his loyalty or lack thereof - whether United fan or Evertonian - needs to reevaluate their life choices


I don’t think one needs to reevaluate one’s life choices just for disliking Rooney for coming across as disingenuous and false.

These are big, famous personalities who in many ways make money and success based off of their personal brand and how they come across. If you’ve got a player saying he loves Everton and still wears their pyjamas and goes to their games but is then celebrating like mad and kissing the United badge when he scores against Everton… it just comes across as extremely fake and artificial. People are well within their rights to dislike or scorn people who are fake and disingenuous lol

Now if Jakey or someone decided to start a blog dedicated to hating Rooney or vandalised his car or something, yeah that’s a bit much.


My point wasn’t really about hating on his bedroom attire haha, I only brought it up because that was what he said to demonstrate his enduring love for Everton.


Rooney’s jammies rustling jimmies.


For me it’s such a throwaway nothing comment made in the moment by a nervous guy who never has been comfortable infront of the camera.

I’m sure he’s always loved Everton and I’m sure in that moment when he kissed the United badge he was convinced that he loved United.

When Sanchez pointed to the Arsenal badge and pointed to the floor (:flushed:) did any of us genuinely think that meant anything? There doesn’t have to be hypocrisy in everything, sometimes it’s just a split second reaction in the midst of the moment.


It’s ridiculous to suggest Rooney wears pyjamas to bed.
He doesn’t go to bed, he swings from a tyre on a rope, scraping his knuckles along the floor.


Basically this. Lol


As if anyone is gonna believe he wore fucking Everton pyjamas

These players come out with some right old shit at times

As for Lukaku, not worth £75mill for me. He’s a decent striker and who knows might well turn out to be a bargain in today’s market, but in not so sure


Rooney is a modern footballer, a modern professional who will give it all for the club he represents. I wouldn’t be surprised if he kisses the Everton badge after scoring against United at Old Trafford. Those days of a superstar player staying loyal to one team, no matter how successful that team was or not, no matter how much money he is offered elsewhere, are long gone. Totti was probably the last of that breed of players. We can label them as mercenaries all we like but IMO, they aren’t any more mercenary than anyone of us who has switched jobs for a better pay.

Agreed if you mean Lukaku is no where near the calibre and talent of the likes of Henry, Shearer, or a Raul. But that isn’t how worth is measured is it? He is one of the best in the league, and that drives his price up. Not worth it, but there are few better today and so you pay that money.



If you remove Lukaku from this picture there was a combined 14 goals from the remaining players lol.


It’s not unimaginable that Lukaku gets similar numbers to Ibra.

Conclusion? We should be alright.


We don’t get a lot of penalties, I don’t see that changing.

Can’t really judge who will outscore who from the pair but to be fair I am not overly certain either Lacazette or Lukaku will score over the 20 goal line. Last season aside, it is a very consistent trend in the current EPL history that only 3 players top the 20 goal mark each season.

I think one of that top 3 spots is reserved for a City player. Whether Aguero, Jesus or Sanchez :sanchez2:, they are the team with the goals in the EPL.

Another spot goes to Chelsea, who I think might be champions again. Whether with Costa up front or someone else, they are a classic case of a team who relies heavily on their main striker to get the majority of goals.

Kane has been 20+ striker for 3 consecutive seasons and I can see that trend continuing. Spurs rely super heavily on him and Alli for goals and it’s either that or their season will be complete and utter shambles.

Liverpool play damaging attacking football but they distribute the goals across so many attacking players I don’t see anyone from there pushing for 20. And they lack the classic striker figure so there you go.

I don’t think United have improved from last year. They replaced Ibra wilth Lukaku and I think you have to really dig deep to make a case of improvement here. They struggled for goals so badly last year, I can’t see Mourinho turning this around overnight. It will be Lukaku who will bang in the goals for them, that’s for sure, but he will fall well short of 20 imo.

We… We have had 3 20+ strikers in the past 10 years. Sanchez (24), RvP (30) and Adebayor (24). Imo it will take some feat for Lacazette to beat that number in his first season.

And there’s always the chance some average striker will have the season of his life.


I’ll be happy if Lacazette gets 15 leagues goals in his first season. It’s a big ask to hit the ground running in the premier league especially with how competitive it is now.


15 league goals wouldn’t be a great return given the fee if he stays injury free and starts 30+ league games.