Manchester United thread


Jokes aside, there’s loads of people more intelligent than you or I and who know more about music who like Drake. This idea you have that Drake or Kanye is pure american commercialism without any artistic ability is just wrong, to be frank.


Your recent comments about Drake remind me of how you used to talk about Wenger.

I give it a year and you’ll go from loving Drake to saying he’s complete fucking trash and totally incapable of putting together a decent album.


According to @Arsenal4thetreble Jose has won a treble in his first season at United.


Lol no, he’s only won the double. League Cup doesn’t count lmao :joy:


You know that to have a dig at us they “support” another team. I know their trick by now :wink:


@Aussiegooner here’s what United fans think of their own treble :hipster::xhaka:


I believe Liverpool’s treble was actually League Cup, FA Cup (:cry:) and Uefa cup.


In all honesty that’s more a mickey mouse double plus the FA cup.


Lindelof finally announced.

Anyone know him?


yeah he’s my cousin, cousin Lin we call him





Would love nothing more than having Jose sweating over a potential jail sentence…fucking scumbag of a man!


Wtf is it with these guys in spain avoiding their taxes?


My understanding is that they all pay tax on their salary. But the Spanish law doesn’t require that they pay tax on international earnings and the image rights are usually sold internationally. It’s muddy waters. But they do pay their taxes on earnings made in Spain.


A lot of them have the same agent.


I’d love, for once, for these sentences to stick. A jail term means a jail term. Not any of this suspended sentence, fake Wayne Rooney hair transplant bullshit.

I mean, if it was me or you, we’d be behind bars doing porridge.


Lock him up! :giroud:



Where did you find that atrocious meme.

So much wrong with it i don’t even know where to begin.