Manchester United thread


I’m down with that. Start with 128 teams, first round seeded and open draw after that…split into odd and even seeds if needs be.


Can’t comment on it since I have this strange reaction with him. As his mouth opens, my ears shut.


Idea. CL places should go to the league winners, runners up, the cup winners and league cup winners.

EL places go to everyone below the league winner who isn’t already in the CL.

Keeps the CL as the main, underines the ‘champions league’ bit and makes sure a higher quality of team heads into the EL too.




He’s just salty because Ajax are one of the only teams in the EL that can beat United.


Mourinho already making an excuse if they lost to Ajax. It’s as simple as that.


Why didn’t Mourinho make the same complaint when they were drawn against Rostov? Rostov came from the CL too! Typical José mind games.


He is a fucking moaning cunt. C’mon Ajax! Slap him in the face and kick him in the ass!


A team spending 89m on one player shouldn’t be in the EL :joy:


That’s the way Mourinho is.
Like Ferguson, they like to complain to the media when things don’t go their way, which is very rarely.
But gloss over all the advantages they get.

I wish someone would ask Mourinho what are his thoughts of Man U getting several clear offsides going their way in successive games.




Amazing :mustafi:




Wow. So in short, if they win on Wednesday he’ll probably up it


Need Ajax to pull out a miracle :hipster:


Yeah but then he apparently said that the likelihood of him staying at Atletico was seven out of 10, whatever the fuck that means.

I wonder what he’s been smoking.


Seems like footballers most of the time are utter dunces, how can you be 6/10 to go to manu and 7/10 to stay…surely that means you are 4/10 to stay, may be a decent footballer but maybe without it he wouldnt go far.


The guy likes Drake. What do you expect. Mainstream af. A dumpass.


6/10 to leave 7/10 to stay, looks like Griezmann failed Math. And what’s wrong with Drake smh?


Enjoying the company? A French math expert and GG. :grinning: