Manchester United thread


This lot have drawn 15 times in the League this season, 15!! Far more than any other side. Points wise they basically stagnated around the mid to late 60s. Four seasons and only one top four finish. PLEASE Ajax win that final, so their season ends up being a total waste. This is total mediority.



The sad thing is that our entire season rests on a cup that they won yet subsequently sacked LVG. Now they’re looking to bumrush their way into the Cl while we get to celebrate having a slightly higher place in the loser tier of the league.

Kinda feels like both of us are fighting not to be the new Liverpool.


They have had a poor season, and will probably finish behind us, and Wenger has beaten Mourinho after seasons of trying.
They play fairly effective, if not very attacking football, and don’t score enough goals, especially after spending so much money in the transfer market.

But they are still favourites to win two trophies this season, as well as qualifying for the CL, with a manager who is in his first season at the club.
They will also go out and spend another shed load of money on the worlds best players in the next transfer window.

Their supporters might not be that content, but I bet they wouldn’t swap places with us.


13 years in you could argue we’re already more than half way there.


If they win the Europa League and we don’t win the FA Cup, then they would have won as much as us in the last 4 years. Plus, their record prior to the last 4 years still holds them in good stead where as it’s been a long time since we won a serious competition. To that, add the fact that they have a certified winner for a manager. Like him or not, agree with his philosophy or not, Mourinho is a winner and that’s what players look for. We, on the other hand, have a manager who seems to be satisfied with merely taking part in competitions, seeing as he considers that a success.


Man U have by far the largest support in the PL and it’e comparable to any other club in Europe.
Their revenue is way more than ours and they have a board that will stop at nothing to get the manager, and in turn the players, that will stop at nothing, to be successful.

We have a board, manager and several players that epitomise the word mediocre.

Man U are doing their utmost to get back to the top while we do the bare minimum.


I really hope they lose their final next week, what do you guys think will happen with Jose if they do lose? Will they just give him another 200m or more to spend?


It’s only his first season, so they are going to give him the money to rebuild the team which has been in need of an overhaul, after Ferguson left it in such a state.

They are clearly lacking goals and are not playing the sort of football that most Man U supporters want to see, so maybe another season of big spending and not a real challenge for the title might push the board into getting rid of him, but they aren’t going to get rid of him yet.


Mourinho has been extra annoying this season. Every week he finds something to complain about - usually it’s the “inconvenience” of Man United being made to play a Premier League football match. His comments this week about the Palace game being on Sunday instead of Saturday have been absolutely pathetic “Have I asked the FA? I don’t lose time. When I know the battle is lost, I don’t fight the battle.” Oh let’s get the violin out shall we?!

And as for his comments on Palace, “Crystal Palace are safe, it doesn’t matter… I hope Big Sam shows he’s a good friend and he goes slow.” Fuck right off. Why should Palace roll over?! Just because they aren’t getting relegated it doesn’t mean they don’t want to finish as high up the table as possible. The difference between finishing 11th and 16th is £10m in prize money!


You’re right, but he’s always been like that, acting like a petulant child every time he doesn’t get preferential treatment.
Why should he?
No other clubs do.
He’s got enough players at Man U to put out a reserve side, so he should stop moaning and get on with it.
I think he’s worried because they are the clear favourites against Ajax, and he is getting his excuses ready in case it all goes wrong.


Mourinho is the yin to Arsene’s yang. Mourinho will crib about things no matter how fair they are and Arsene will gloss over things no matter how poor they are. Two of a kind really.


I actually think our clubs should be given some help in preparing for big games in europe. Other countries do it.
Not losing any sleep over it for united or anyone else but its not the most outlandish request.
A season or so ago our 4 places was under threat and would have been a blow to the premiership. Be a game changer that with Brand Prem not looking to clever.


Yeah I agree (although haven’t read his comments). The PL/FA really should look at a different way of organising the fixtures calendar. One thing that comes immediately to mind is not scheduling PL fixtures on FA cup weekends. The last few seasons we’ve had to rearrange several fixtures because of this, they should just be in the calendar somewhere else. They also should look at the league cup being much more compact. It should be done and dusted by November, no more two leg semis etc. Basically at this point of the season there should be as few games as possible but the calendar the way it is now just leads to it being completely overloaded in some instances.


Pathetic. He is a broken record by now :expressionless:. He always finds an excuse :bellerin:


Not really an excuse, it’s a point many have made before.

If it’s a competition for teams that are too shit to finish higher than 5th or 6th in the league then it might as well be a competition for people that can’t finish higher than 3rd in a CL group too.


Agree CL teams should not drop into the Europa League. Should only be for the teams who qualified for the EL through cups or league positions.

Makes a mockery of the competition tbh


Meh. it’s been that way long enough now that its beyond pointless complaining about it.


Why? I like the collaboration between the CL and EL. EL winners qualifying for the CL was a long time coming and a good move, I’d even go as far as give both finalists CL qualification, with the 2nd being just in the qualification phase.

And if you are ok with the EL winner qualifying for CL, why shouldn’t the 3rd place finishers in the group move on to the EL knockout rounds? It helps both competitions…gives what would otherwise be dead rubber matches in group stages significance in the CL, and brings more quality into the EL.


I’d just make the EL one massive knockout competition and axe the boring group stage. Would be so much more interesting and would be the ying to the CL’s yang instead of being the secondary competition