Manchester United thread


Wages talk, I seriously believe the lure of Champions League Football is overrated.


I just hope Man Utd lose to Ajax as a plaster on the wound.

They’d also get penalised in their deal with Adidas for missing out on CL football so much.


Who would he replace? Mata or one of their many overrated CMs?


Just realised he’s a Mendes boy


I could be wrong but I think that might of been me man


Cant help but feel we need an Isco, not a James.

Wouldn’t turn down eithet though obviously.




Even more annoying is they get their business done before this season has even finished.
I wish we were a bit more proactive when it comes to transfers.
We only get business done early when we are losing top players and have to replace them.


If they sign him they won’t sign Griezmann, who is the better player.

United will spend huge every summer. All we can hope for is that they sign the wrong players and I think that’s the case here.


I don’t think this assumption is correct, tbh. They can easily spend over £200m this summer. I would be much more surprised if they didn’t get James + Bale/Griezmann than I would be if they do.


I don’t think it’s a question of money. They play in the same spaces, as #10 (James) or second striker (Griezmann). One could be played wide, but neither is really the type of wide player Mourinho favors.

James plus Bale makes more sense though and seems plausible.


Will they be able to spend that much if they aren’t in the CL, and would a player like Griezman Bale come to a club that isn’t in it?


You really reckon that they will allow James and Bale to leave in the same window to the same club, dream on! All that the parasite Mourinho knows to do is spend, i have never ever seen him develop a single player it is absolutely stupid how much money this fucktard is allowed to spend at every club he goes to, no talent hack. Even i could do the job he does just playing his version of football Manager…i’ll have that one that one and that one!


They can certainly afford it. CL revenue just doesn’t make a decisive difference to a club like United at this point. They will have plenty of money, CL or no.

As for the players, I think if United offer enough money - and nobody else offers comparable wages - then they will still be happy to go there. Players don’t really mind being out of the CL for a year. Wages are king.


I mean, we just signed Kolasinac, but okay.


I was answering a post that said, “Man Utd being able to lure in all these huge names,” so unless you consider Kolisanic. huge name, I’m sure you knew exactly what I meant.


fair enough bud. :slight_smile:



I hope they do sign him because he’ll be yet another player without pace or stamina alongside Ibrah, Pogba, Mata, Carrick etc. All very good players but they won’t function as a team


Pace isn’t their problem, their problem is the overly defensive Mourinho.

And the fact they haven’t been great at putting the ball into the back of the net this season.