Manchester United thread


Typical Mou, like Trump. Talk about an event stacked in your favor as so big and important so you can prance around like a peacock afterwards… just hope Ajax do them.


Fuck that. I hope Celta do 'em.


Honestly, I want Ajax to beat them in the final but I would much prefer Celta doing a comeback haha



Backup option if they can’t get Greizmann


I doubt these lot know fuck all about any transfers to be honest. I just cant see him at united.


Ode to days of Beckham, Merson and Gazza




Or mercenaries.


was probably thinking about his next gambling spree


Fucking hell Jose



Do they mean last summer or the one that’s coming?


Seems like this summer, looked like he was saying goodbye to the fans in his last game and knows he’s off.

Would hate for him to join United.


Christ I just saw that he’s only 25!!

I thought he’d be 29 or something. God I love him here, try and see if we could convert him to a striker. He’s capable of some extraordinary finishes.


He’s quality, and definitely United bound/leaving Madrid.


This one.

Looks like this is happening eh @leper :wink::wink::wink::wink:


What sort of fee is being touted ?


I remember someone posting an article on the old forum that was about the potential of him becoming a striker in the vein of a fasle #9 and his similarities with Van Persie.

Funny that he could have joined United when he was younger for absolute peanuts but they weren’t interested, so that’ll be well over £100mil on him and Pogba that they could have got for next to nothing.


Urgh that is hugely annoying. I’ve wanted him here for so long, he’s a brilliant player.

Sick and tired of Man Utd being able to lure in all these huge names with nothing to speak off for the last 4 years.

Watch us finish 5th and then struggle to sign fucking Ross Barkley.