Manchester United thread


I’m not sure thats completely fair just yet.

He was class in Italy iirc.

Why anyone would allow themselves to be bothered by someones image is fucking beyond me though. Maybe put down the gossip mags and just ignore what he does off the pitch.


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I’m not sure thats completely fair just yet.

He was class in Italy iirc.
[/quote]Don’t get me wrong he did good things at Juventus, but he cares way too much about his appearance. A lot of the current Footballers to me, have the personality of a cheese grater.


Hence the second part of my post :smile:


he believes the hype way too much, as soon as he was the highest transfer he has cared more about his image and his emojis and money spinning than what he is getting paid for first and foremost. He apllied himself at Juve back then he seemed to want to be ‘the best’ but it seems like he feels because of his transfer fee he has already achieved that in his own mind and doesnt try as hard anymore.


Who says anything about reading gossip magazines? :sweat_smile: You don’t have to read anything like that to know what a lot of players seem to get up to these days, it all seems very superficial to me. Doesn’t interest me in the slightest what they get up to.


Ha, anyway, in all my years working at “gossip” magazines, I’ve never wrote or seen an article on Paul Pogba! Unless he starts dating a member of Little Mix, I’m pretty sure it’ll stay that way too.


How are people so up to date with the lives of footballers if they arent seeking out this info?


It definitely gets rammed down our throats. I honestly couldn’t give a fuck what the ugly cunts latest hair cut is, or what his newest cringeworthy celebration entails. But you literally couldn’t watch a French game at the Euros without the commentators doing a bit on it.

There is just something so off putting about Pogba, to me he’s the living embodiment of Beats headphones.


He is a footballing version of the Kartrashians, stupidly famous to ridiculous heights for doing pretty much fuck all!


Fucking lol.:smile:


6th in October

25 Unbeaten Streak

Up to 5th

Lose one game

6th again…


If it was wenger, people would be firebombing his car!


6th again, lol!


Get that cunt’s ugly mug off here.


Mourinho has said the game against Celta Vigo, is the most important game in Man U’s history.

I wonder what Ferguson and Charlton think of that statement.


It’s just that stark contrast between ever-present (self-) promotion via entirely superficial things like haircuts, clothing, and expensive goods and the complete absence of anything resembling wit, charme, or character.
These members of generation instagram appear like little more than empty shells stuffed into Balmain sweatshirts. You wouldn’t trust a guy like Pogba to say something interesting to safe his live.



I swear I just got done reading something similar on r/RoastMe… Damn. :joy:


If we finished above them it would be the 4th season in a row we do it. It’s always a nice thing to do :slight_smile:


Fuck St Totteringhams Day its all about St Welbeckerams Day now :welbeck:


Those expressions are hilarious… Herrera, “what does that sign say in the distance??” Lingard “heh, I see what you did there…” Rooney, “wot? yeh I’m still here, guvnor, wot of it???” Pogba “do you see how cool I am with my hair and my gangster sign (???)?”

Not a fan of that kit either… wtf is that pattern?