Manchester United thread


What did they leak?


The reports are that Raiola got 23m as part of the transfer, I’d imagine that’s what they want to look into.

Its fucking nuts that agents can earn so much.


Pires had the right idea.
Do all the negotiating yourself.
He must be loaded.


Raiola is a crook.


It’s insane and bordering on criminal how much money this fat crook continues to make from transfers. I can’t stand he way he engineers transfers for his own self interest.


So does that mean Juve got 66 million? Sounds more like it.

I’m not sure what services he’s carrying out to justify 23 million. Unless he was representing all 3 parties or something?


New Man United away strip for those who are fans of a black kit… Not sure why Pogba looks constipated though!


Supposedly Raiola part owned Pogba alongside Juve.


They look like militaries.


Is it just me or did they quite some work on Rooney to appear slim?


I thought exactly the same thing.
Surely that must be photoshopped.
I’ve never seen him that slim.
He looks like he has the waistline of a long distance runner.


I’m not sure if it’s reasonable or rational but there’s just something about Pogba that really winds me up.


Was literally about to put the same thing. Whatever he does seems to really annoy me. Must be the silly posses he does all the time.


I think it’s because he’s constantly trying to be funny and cool and get in the limelight.

He’s a brand first and foremost, footballer second.


I think you’ve both articulated my feelings quite well between you lol


I will hop on the irky Pogba bandwagon quite gladly.

Hip-hop wannabe accidental footballer.


Maybe you just don’t like dabbing gangsta wannabe ponces in general…i reckon a lot of people are that way!


He’s just fucking weird.

As far as agents go, that’s the beauty of sliding scale percentages. The more these bloated prices rise the fatter the agents’ cheques. Nice work if you can get it.


Paul Pogba somewhat typifies what’s wrong with modern Football. All image and no substance.


That united black kit is pure 90’s nostalgia . Good excuse for them again next season when they Carnt see each other and lose the game :joy::joy: