Manchester United thread


Personally, I’d arrest everyone with a ticket, too.


Fellaini, Rojo, Smalling, Jones, Mata and Ibra. All unavailable for our game.


Bit late, but that thing about fans being arrested if in certain areas of Brussels without a ticket on matchday applied to when we played Anderlecht last year as well

Getting a ticket for Anderlecht is next to impossible anyway, but certainly was an added incentive to not bother with that one!


We’re doomed. Some 18 year old unknown is going to play and smash us.


Yeah we’re destined to get beat by a standard Mourinho parked bus filled up with a bunch of youth players playing out of their skin to make an impression.


Longest unbeaten run in Europe? And yet they look so crap.


They are very well organised defensively though.


You can see their not far away and a transfer window should get them there.


Well, not a news for a Mourinho’s side :expressionless:


They will win the Europa League and the League cup this season, so in the demise after Fergie they have still managed to win the FA cup, League Cup and Europa League. Yes I understand they aren’t the top trophies but some Arsenal fans say we wont want to turn out like United post Fergie in regards to Wenger leaving LOL.


Tbf if we kept Wenger we’d be winning equally as much as them, just without the biggest transfer bill in world football. Surely the argument would go from winning Premier League titles to not winning top trophies and from winning the FA cup to ???.


Yeah I admit United have been failing but I hate the stupid comparisons comparing Wenger to Fergie, in his last 8 seasons at United Fergie won the league 5 times + the CL. Wenger has only got an 80+ tally in the league once in the last 12 years.


You would complain if we only won these trophies :hipster:


No complaints from me next year if we win the Europa League, we aren’t in any position to turn down any European trophy given our history.


Well, the main point of the argument is that they were both long term managers who left behind more than just a contract worth of work. It was also expected that ManUtd wouldn’t fall out of the Champions League for such a long time for which even this season despite spending huge amounts of money and hiring one of the best managers in the world they would have to take a detour to qualify. No matter if you don’t like the comparison it’s at least something that has to be kept in mind when talking about the post Wenger time.


I don’t think a new manager will be able to take us much lower than Wenger already has, he’s now got us down to 6th place and who knows how much further he will drag us down in the next 2 years.



Looks like Pogba’s been had. :grinning:


I still don’t see that he’s a 100M player. Just me?