Manchester United thread


Why isn’t it a meme?


How is that not a meme?


Having looked into it i guess I’m the one who doesn’t know what a meme is. @Trion help me out? :joy:


fucking Pogba, man. Jesus you are so shit sometimes.



One trophy less for Mourinho. Good :slight_smile:


Has Pogba been any good this season? I caught some of the game last night and he didn’t seem to be involved that much.


He’s been one of their best players.
He seems to stand out when he has a poor game but generally he has been very good considering it’s his first season in the PL.




Fair enough, I can’t make much more judgement on him as I’ve not watched him thoroughly, although I did expect there to be more of an air of a massive player and his influence in pulling his team towards victory week in week out, yadayadayada.


Pogba hasn’t been stellar in comparison to the price paid for him and that’s hardly surprising. You’d be hard pressed to find a midfielder who you could make the most expensive in the world who’d truly be able to justify the fee.

He was worth half the money they paid for him. Juventus probably couldn’t believe their luck lol.


pogba will always have the price tag over his head

he had a poor game last night but really united we not even in the game - all there players besdies valencia had a pretty average game.

but pogba is very marketable - man u spending 86million on pogba (and they bring ibra in for free) would make that in sales over the seaosns

its the equivalent to stoke spending 20 mil on a player

he was never going to be bale or ronaldo but i also think jose plays pogba too deep


Currently United isn’t really set up in a way which allows Pogba to thrive. He been burdened with alot of responsibility coupled with the fact that people expect him to be WC

No doubt Mourinho will solve these issues going forward.


I think he sits too deep but generally speaking for £89m you expect your central midfielder to have more of an impact on games.


For the money they paid he should be somewhat WC by now lol or least stamping his mark on games, he goes missing for large parts of big games. He looked lost out there last night.

I think his game relies on pace up front something UTD don’t have with Ibra up front. He shouldn’t be playing so deep doesn’t suit his style either. I think he come good but I doubt he be a top top class player and for the price they paid that’s what they need him to be.


When zidane was the most expensive midfeilder in the world it was obvious why, you could say he was worth even more than Madrid paid for him at the time


If he improves it’ll mean nothing anyway. With the economic conditions this deal probably wasn’t a far cry from Rooney or Ferdinand back in the day (a quick google - 220m revenue 2004 and 515m now) and he’s at least a title winner, CL finalist etc. If he’s at the club for 10 years and injury free nobody is going to care what he cost 10 years ago when CL, sponsorship and TV money go up again (and maybe again after that too). Even when they paid 25m or so for Shaw people thought it was crazy but in the grander scheme it’s just another United deal.

Honestly feel more pressure on Ozil to justify himself at 42m with Arsenal’s history than Poggers at 89m of United money.

Still, I hope he doesn’t improve :mustafi:


He has improved after a bad start, but he is not the player he used to be at Juventus.


Man Utd have been 6th for 100 days now.


Yeah. We have been 4th for 10 years though.