Manchester United thread


Enjoy it whilst it lasts as we will be 6th soon.


Thank fuck Ibra missed that penalty.


Gotta love Ibra saying he didn’t elbow Mings, “he jumped into my elbow”

I didn’t punch him, he walked into my fist!




Takes after his pal/manager.


You mean the embarrassment when Arsene shoved Mou? Or how the fourth official just walked into his push.


Charged with violent conduct. Could be looking at a 3-match ban.


Cunt and Cunter.


Your really needing that thread unlocking arent you.


Oh, didn’t realise it was locked. Why’s that, then?


Ah, just had a shufty. Yep, I can see why.


Big for the top 4 race.


Well one match will be in the FA Cup v Chelsea and the other 2 are Middlesbrough away and West Brom at home - games they should be winning with or without Ibra. Mind you, I thought the same about Bournemouth.


Not really, I expect them to beat both Middlesbrough and West Brown regardless especially after drawing to Bournemouth.

Middlesbrough in particular are pretty shit and definitely going down.


You might expect them to, but United have drawn with some pretty poor teams this season when they wouldn’t have been expected to. There’s no reason not to be quietly hopeful of them dropping a couple of points whilst he’s suspended.


I know, they’ve been drawing an awful lot but Jose will be g’ing them up for these games now.

I see them taking at least 4 points if not everything.


G’ing them up doesn’t change the fact Zlatan to Rashford is a colossal drop in quality and not just because of Zlatan’s goalscoring ability.

Maybe I’m just being hopeful but I expect them to drop points in one of the games he misses.




Only really care for top 4 if we get a new manager.

As being in the CL with Wenger is just a massive waste of time.


Kind of a stupid statement. We aren’t the richest club in the world and we rely on CL football money. Even though Xhaka hasn’t turned out to be that great don’t be expecting any signings similar to him this summer if we don’t have CL football, in favt we probably would have difficulty attracting a guy like Perez if not for the CL. I’m sure you’ll be one of the more vocal people here if we aren’t spending massively in the summer too, what a surprise. What do we have to appeal to better players? We haven’t won shit, we don’t pay the biggest wages, we don’t unsettle players and force them to join us. The only two things we have going for us are Arsene being an absolute legend and attracting good players, and we play in the competition all top players want to be in. Cut off your nose to spite your face much?