Manchester United thread


This is what he’s been doing during the last two or three months. The game against Liverpool, being the one exception.

He’s now becoming more of a complete midfielder, with much more responsibility in all areas of the pitch. Played something between 45-50 passes per game at Juve and was more of a final third player. More than 70 per game now (only Henderson is playing more in the PL), so I wouldn’t expect him to produce the same kind of goals and assists numbers at United.

I don’t think they have any issues in midfield right now. They do need to find good replacements for both Carrick and Zlatan though, and that’s going to be very difficult.


They should just focus on the E.L. to gain access to the C.L.


Yeah that worked for Liverpool last season…

Mind you, there is no Sevilla this time.


Indeed. So they will still be in the E.L. next season :wink:



Worth 60m though :wink:

And oh I was told Wenger is stupid to think Martial is a winger.
Where does he play throughout his United career?


The wing


It was a rhetorical question dude :smile:


ha ffs :grimacing: I had just woken up when I read it so that’s my excuse :wink:


Can’t see it happening, but if it did i would find it awfully amusing. Imagine Rooney on £1m a week that is fucking disgusting money, and £140m for Manu for a player well past his best, if it was true and Rooney wanted to go i reckon manu would be mad not to sell, with that money though Maureen would be elated huh the checkbook manager will be able to buy his way to the title yet again, £100m put on Griezmann for a start


No way is Rooney moving to China. It’s a Vardy gravy situation times a thousand.


It is quite amusing that despite not having lost a League game in yonks, they did finally move out of 6th place today…only to be moved back down again by Liverpool hours later :wenger:

That top 6 though is so damn close now, two points between 5 clubs :cech:



Sorry for the double post but these are just too good :joy:

Manchester United and 6th place


Forever sixth, i wanna be forever sixth!


I love how there is always a moment or situation that can be perfectly described, by using a Simpsons scene :smiley: Shows what a brilliant show it truly was in it’s prime.


Fucking yes i lol’d in RL.


“There are a lot of good Belgian players in the national team who might be interested in playing in China,” the Italian World Cup winner said. “I’m looking for someone around 28, 29 years old. The regulations of the Chinese league have changed and although Fellaini was offered to us by his agent, I told them I was looking for other types.”

So you’re looking for actual footballers, is what you mean, Fabio? Smart man. :smiley:


Jammy cunts getting jammy again. Kevin Friend is an absolute pussy.


Type 6th into Twitter and look what the first result is :joy::joy::joy: