Manchester United thread


I said your condescending nature detracts from your quality posts. And it was more a point about how I think you’re generally condescending moreso than just this particular example. And like you said, it’s my opinion of you and it’s more just something I’ve noticed over the years on the forum.

And I understood what you were saying. I just completely disagree. And besides, I wasn’t that fussed by the tweet I was more bothered by Kaner’s response to me saying I didn’t agree with it.


Don’t argue with SRCJJ about united he’s a pretty big fan boy, he’ll protect them at all costs.


Well then thanks for coming out and sharing your opinion about me. I will keep it under consideration. (and just in case this sounded condescending - I totally meant it).


Are you still here :sleeping:


I aspire to have this sort of reception to constructive feedback. Bravo sir.


Ironic you would accuse another member of being condescending lol nice self awareness :arteta:


Paul desperate, long Potshotgba




Are you on drugs?


I suppose congratulations are in order for Mr Rooney, for becoming the club’s record goal scorer, with that superb free kick.

For a player that gets a lot of stick, it’s not been a bad old career.


Will be tuning into TalkShite on Monday, if only to hear the southern plastic Manc Andy Goldstein tell us again about how his team are in the title race


Funny how they feel this way, but we are ahead of them maybe by 7 points tomorrow, but we are just alsorans


When Luca says that it’s a bad look @AbouCuellar


To be honest, I thought we would see a polarisation between Zlatan and Pogba and how they influence themselves and the team. Zlatan being an unknown quantity having not played in England before and Pogba with some glimmer of experience of the PL + his offensive style. I really thought we’d be seeing Paul ripping it up by now and Zlatan with moderate success, seems a role of reversal!

I think if they don’t make top 4 this season it would be considered a failure right?


Just saw Rooney’s goal. Anyone has a clip of the build-up to the free kick? Clattenburg appears to be raising his arm before the free-kick, almost indicating an indirect free-kick, but the goal stood anyway.

But again I’m only speculating from what I saw.


Majesti free kick that yesterday. Have to be a special talent to play for united for ten years.
Might short of being a legend but thats only because of what hes judged against at that club.


Always were playing catchup after their start so will be difficult to reach the top 4 unless two teams above them collapse really.


I don’t think they need teams to “collapse” as such. They are only 2 behind City and 4 behind Liverpool. That’s nothing! United have a friendly run of fixtures until they play City at the end of Feb while Liverpool have Chelsea and Spurs coming up.

I said a while back that I thought Man United were out of it. Now I quite fancy them to just about scrape in, though I hope they don’t.


The problem is that they are too wasteful upfront. They have already dropped many points.


The points gap isn’t relevant because United had such a poor start to the season that they’re always playing catchup. They won 6 or 7 on the trot and remain in 6th despite Arsenal and City dropping plenty of points. Now they’ve failed to win 2 in a row they could be 6 points behind us again.

When you start that poorly, you need to win a large majority of your remaining games and hope two of Spurs, City, Arsenal or Liverpool don’t have a good second half to the season in order for United to finish top 4.

I’m not saying it’s impossible. They’re just relying too heavily on other teams right now and with Europe and domestic cup competitions returning I wholly expect them to go back to struggling to win games.


I hope you’re right. I was more against the idea that a collapse from other teams is required in order for them to get into the top 4, when really it’s just 1 or 2 results to swing in their favour. I know that hasn’t happened thus far and they have the Europa League to contend with etc, but they’ve definitely improved whereas Man City are inconsistent and Liverpool are a defensive shambles so I wouldn’t be surprised to see United in that top 4 come mid Feb.