Manchester United thread


Maybe LVG falls into those categories you mentioned in your post. :campbell:


7 out of 8 have been offside, eh?

Seems legit.


I don’t believe this stat


That’s the best bet, when a statistic doesn’t support your view point just choose not to believe it :+1:


“I don’t care if it’s true or not. It confirms my long-held prejudices and that is enough for me!”
(Anonymous Trump supporter, 2016)


There’s an article that shows United have benefited from 6 offside goals since November but I’m sure they’ve played more than 5 games at Old Trafford in that time and not all of them have been at home either. So the stat is just incorrect.

And it’s got nothing to do with my viewpoint. It’s just a very shady stat put together by a Liverpool twitter account moments after a 1-1 draw.

But forgive me for not believing everything I read on the internet.


EL 24/11 Man Utd 4-0 Feyenoord at OT, Rooney offside
PL 14/12 Crystal Palace 1-2 Man Utd at SP, Pogba offside (edited)
PL 26/12 Man Utd 3-1 Sunderland at OT, Mkhitaryan offside
PL 2/1 West Ham 0-2 Man Utd at LS, Zlatan offside
EFL 10/1 Man Utd 2-0 Hull at OT Mata offside
PL 15/1 Man Utd 1-1 Liverpool at OT Valencia assisting Zlatan is offside


Are they even trying?

Rooney was onside, Zlatan onside (and it was away), Mkhitaryan clearly offside and Zlatan offside against West Ham. Mata was onside and Valencia wasn’t.

Would love to know what “article” that was from. .

edit: I still think Rooney can be seen as being just in line despite seeing that screenshot. Certainly very debatable.
Still not seen anything that would suggest that Mata was offside.


Thanks for that. That’s 6 offside goals.

4 are at Old Trafford.

Not 7 in the last 5 at Old Trafford like the tweet suggests.

And the Palace game was away as well btw.

And the added part about them being in the bottom half of the table without them is also rubbish. In half the fixtures they were already in winning positions and had margins that meant the offside goal meant nothing for the result.

It’s just a crap stat and people like @Kaner would do well to be more mindful of criticising other people for not believing everything they read.


Rooney is offside, his hip and foot and those you can score with.

Valencia on his assist.

Yes the Crystal Palace game was indeeed away, and Zlatan is onside. It is Pogba who is offside.

All of them are offside goals. I can’t find 7 at OT, but those 6 goals (4 at OT) are offside.

To be in the bottom half they’d need to be below Burnley at 26 pts, and with 20 goals better gd you’d assume they’d have to have at most 25 pts, meaning they need to have missed out on 15 points in these games to be in the bottom half, which is impossible since they didn’t even take 15 points from 4 games in the PL (no other team would’ve moved positions above Burnley had United scored less). So the only way for this to have worked is if they had lost a bunch of other points in other PL games from offside goals but I haven’t found any.


I thought you were saying you didn’t believe they had had that many offside goals, I hadn’t seen the post you were actually replying to saying they would be in the bottom half of the table


Cunts. I’d flag them offside even if I wasn’t sure. Who’d question me? I’m just flagging “as I see 'em.”


I thought when Ferguson left, things might change regarding dodgy decisions going their way, but clearly not.
Those brown envelopes, bulging with money, they leave in the ref’s changing room, are doing the trick as usual.


Should have scrolled up then. I don’t believe the entire tweet. All of it has been proven to be incorrect.


To be fair to me that tweet feels like a hyperbole. And a hyperbole is a statement of exaggeration in order to drive a point home. And the point in this case being that United get a hell of a lot dubious decisions go their way.


He retires on a high after winning the F.A. Cup :wenger:


I know what a hyperbole is. You absolutely didn’t need to explain what one is.

The tweet did not sound like a hyperbole to me.

And I didn’t take the tweet seriously enough to bother responding much more than saying I didn’t believe it. Then when kaner came along to tell me I didn’t believe the stat because it didn’t agree with my view point, I just felt compelled to let him know that it just wasn’t true.


I wasn’t responding to you and I wasn’t explaining to you what a hyperbole is. It was a general comment about my general opinion on the tweet following the general discussion about it. Maybe you didn’t feel I needed to explain what a hyperbole is but I did feel that way and I do reserve the right to do as I decide, thank you very much.


I feel like you’ve always been a pretty condescending poster and it’s always talks away from what are predominantly very good posts.


I didn’t quite understand the second part of that sentence but you are entitled to your opinion. I probably am condescending but I don’t see how saying why I think a tweet served as a hyperbole was condescending. I was trying to say that, in my opinion, it didn’t matter that the tweet was incorrect because the idea behind it was to convey a message and to take jibe at United (deservedly imo). If you felt that I was on your back, I am sorry, I certainly wasn’t.