Manchester United thread


It shows are much better the top 6 are than the rest is what it shows.


You basically just reworded what I said. I know I am a girl, but I still know my stuff


By ripping into United fans you mean slobbering all over Ibra’s balls?


How is it over? They are in the best run of form they will get all season and they are still 6th. It isn’t going to get better for the from here till the end of the season both in terms of results oor achievements.


You’ve just answered your own question.

Their run of poor form is over because they’re now in good form.


SRCJJ said it like it was all uphill for them from now on and ripping it time was over while IMO this is the best they will look all season, therefore pretty soon they will stagnate.


They have been playing much, much better football and results have now followed in the last month or so. They were unlucky a couple of times early on and really suffered at the start, but I would definitely consider them contender for top 4 now. They were miles behind us not that long ago and now are only one point behind us (we have game in hand), at worst 4. I don’t think anyone is going to seriously threaten Chelsea atm, but it could very well be tight between Spurs, 'Pool, City, ManU, and us.


Yeah fair play, I see how you’ve read it that way.

I certainly hope that you’re right and this is the peak for them!

ATM I’m looking over my shoulder at them, despite last season the spectre of Mourinho looms large for me.



Rio Ferdinand’s reaction to United’s equaliser lol


My reaction to their equaliser was one of relief. I didn’t want either one of them taking the three points.


Yeah 1 point each was probably best possible result for us. Combined with City capitulation, a good weekend for us. Just need the c*nt Costa to “costa Chelsea the title”… yuk yuk.


After such a long winning streak, a draw could really damage them. Coming from behind you basically need to win most of your games.


8th offside goal of the season and counting. How jammy are these cunts



Mystic Mata

Someone should point out to him that if we’re talking about “ifs” then United would be in the bottom half of the table if the linesmen appointed to their matches had eyes!


If my aunt had the balls he would be my uncle.



44m for three years work. Fuck my family, I’d just buy a new better one.


Most families would be like this:

‘its 44m for a few years work’
‘Well get packing you twat ill drive you to the airport right now’
‘uuummmm i dont leave until next month’
‘will they give you a few million more if you leave now…if they will fuck the fuck off already’

I think even if you have a close relationship with your family you could even uproot them all for a few years and tell them to grin and bear it even if you hate the place, after that money you’d be set for like (unless you are an utter prat with it of course)