Manchester United thread


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I can remember a few seasons ago when we used to play a lot of games where we had loads of shots and the opposition hardly any, yet we would still contrive not to win.
There was a game against Sheffield United just after the Invincibles season, where we drew 2-2 and we had 32 shots and they had one, which they scored and we had an own goal, and on Match Of The Day they said Sheffield United deserved the draw which to me was ridiculous.
Their argument was that they had defended well, and I have heard that several other times in very one sided games.

I watched that Man U game against Burnley and as much as I enjoyed not seeing them win, they should have won easily.
It’s games like this that can decide a PL title which is usually won by a few points, and there have been a lot of occasions where we have dropped points even though we were the far better team, having far more shots.
There is also the factor of dodgy refereeing decisions which can go for or against a team.

I don’t have a lot of sympathy with Man U or Mourinho because they have both benefited from decisions that have gone for them in previous seasons, but I also think this season they should have more points from games where they have dominated.


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They should have won easily but for the fact that they weren’t good enough on the day. So they didn’t deserve to win.

We may have had loads more shots, yet that still doesn’t prove that we deserved to win more because obviously the quality of those shots wasn’t high enough, in the circumstances. So maybe we played better than the other team, but still didn’t deserve to win. Those two thoughts are not mutually exclusive. I know that when most people say “they were the better team” they mean that they played better than the other team, but if we get really literal for a second we remember that in football, the only true and holy measure of which team was better is the one that puts the ball over the line more often in 90 minutes. That is the goal. Everything else is just methods, and inherently subjective.


I agree that if you don’t score with plenty of shots then that is your fault but how many shots that beat the GK are aimed exactly where they went?
Also how many mishit shots beat the GK?
I think if a team has more than thirty shots and the opposition very few, then they can say they deserved to win.


I’m not giving them excuses for their long poor run of form. Pep failed to fix some vital pieces in the team that he needed to for his football and it’s hurting them. My point is that it feels like they’ve been shit for 2 months now and they only trail us by a point. My money is on them fixing certain problems and if they do, even slightly, they’ll kick clear of us over the 2nd half of the season. Lets not forget that they had Chelsea on toast only a fortnight ago for the best part of an hour but couldn’t finish many chances they had for 2-0.

I just think there’s a lot more upside for City over the rest of the season than there is for Arsenal. Same for United.


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Moyes has came out and said he tried to Sign Bale, Fabregas and Ronaldo in summer 2013 and ended up signing Fellaini on deadline day :arteta:

He also said Toni Kroos agreed to join in Summer 2014. LVG must have cancelled that then. What the hell hahahaha.


How strange that results have started to pick up when Mourinho shut the fuck up?

Not mouthing off to the press as much these days, quietly going about his business.

He is a good manager, with unimaginable resources. When he actually decides to use these skills instead of wumming people he will see success. Maybe he has seen that.

Those ‘mind games’ only ever worked on himself, can’t remember a single scenario where it actually worked out for him.

Only SAF was ever really successful with that shite.


That’s what now, 5 wins in a row? Taken a long while to get going this season, but they’re certainly in the hunt for top 4 places now. Going to be an interesting second half of the season.


But haven’t they been 6th for like 3 months?!

Though to be fair I think that’s more of a reflection on the league this season. Spurs too, both teams must have more points in 5th/6th than other teams in PL history at this stage.


Results were always going to change, as I said a couple of months ago they weren’t playing that badly despite everyone taking the piss out of them.


Was enjoying it while I could personally.


Solid 2 months but they were also really far behind at that point and also had like 3 draws in a row before they started winning 5 now…


That’s the best part. They keep winning lately but don’t change position.


Their poor form was fantastic whilst it lasted. Enjoyed ripping into my United supporting friends.

Shame it’s seemingly over though.


The funny thing is that they are still 6th, despite winning 5 in a row. It really show how tight is the Premier League this season.