Manchester United thread


Zlatan manages to start a hell of a lot of games for a 35 year old body doesn’t he ? Starting again tonight in the League Cup for the 3rd time in 6 days.


Class reception for Bastian Schweinsteiger tbf! Cheered every time he touched the ball. :slight_smile:


The fans never had a problem with him did they? It was that cunt who decided not to like him.




I love Redcafe, so full of idiots. All poured hatred on Moyes and LVG and yet salivated at the prospect of Mourinho, who is basically the same as those two managers just with A grade players. And yet they thought he would somehow have them playing brilliant footy the Yanited way. Nothing more pleasing than United fans in meltdown.


To think they decided Schweinsteiger should get the axe ahead of Felliani.


Oh it’s been a great weekend.


:per: That’s mid table mediocrity right there.

(You’ll need to click the tweet to see the full 30 game streak).


Wow, He has only one consecutive win streak in there with 3 wins.


Mourinho is a drug addict :open_mouth:


LOL from redcafe: ‘Mourinho is actually stupid.’

‘Mourinho the coward will lead us to nothing. Get him the feck out’

‘Typical cowardly play style from Mourinho in 2nd half, we did nothing except clearing the ball and sending it forward.’

So they agree that the eye poking SOB is a fucking coward finally!


wtf lol? hard to explain any other way? :open_mouth: surprising


he could have a fancy watch and is talking to KITT telling him to get him the hell out of there!


Ya know that drug thing would explain a lot.


Watching Jose in his post game presser was hilarious.




Pulis could overtake Mou next week… have to love it… they have been playing a lot better recently, but another 2 points dropped and they fall further behind CL spots. Looking forward to seeing the implosion.


It really would.
Being a Jorge Mendes’ bitch & Wenger showing no love must have been hard lately.


Redcafe says reaching the Europa League would be a miracle at this point. How the mighty have fallen!


Always seems to do the full 90 too. Feels a bit irresponsible tbh, especially with so many attacking players in need of minutes.