Manchester United thread


They aren’t getting the points they deserve based on the matches, they have had a ridiculous amount of shots on target to goals ratio this season ( In a bad way). 8 points off 4th which is very concerning for them and enjoyable for us.


lol mourinho didn’t speak to the media after the match. such a sore loser :joy:


Mou apologist :wink:


Makes are win today even more shinier!


As much as we like to see the man and the team fail, I think @A.F is right, though. Their bad streak won’t last much longer and we should be aware of that.


That’s what I’ve been thinking for about three years now, and it’s still going.

Just enjoy it as it happens.


I don’t expect them to sign Simeone. In fact it would suprise me if they sign a manager who has won a title in one of the big Leagues. But since we are playing seasons on repeat, with which you don’t agree with fair enough, I’m not against taking that risk.


He probably is, and I’m sure they’ve been terribly unlucky to this point, but that’s no guarantee that they’ll start getting lucky right away even if the regression to the mean long-term is inevitable. Meanwhile, as long as things are going very badly and pressure is mounting I never rule out Mourinho finding a way to take the problem and just light it spectacularly on fire.


Yeah this is the key point - it doesn’t really matter why things are going badly, Mou has the propensity to take a bad situation and make it worse, which is what I am counting on. It is almost as if they are suffering our normal situation and we are playing the rope-a-dope Fergie toward the end (where they played sh*te and got maximum points anyway).


Did you watch the game? They dominated the first half yes, but they were lucky WHU didn’t steal all points in the 2nd. I’d say 6th is right where they deserve to be.


He has more FA Charges than home league wins this season :joy::joy::joy:




Seems like super underachieving it is :smiley:


Welcome to OA @SummerNight Are you a brand new member, or did you appear on the old OA? :slight_smile: Interesting looking link description in your usercard :poldi:




I actually hope it’s true that he is given a harsh treatment by FA & ref for his continual accusations in 2014-15 season.

Serves him right regardless.


I think he really loves him behind the scenes :poldi:



I am a new member. Yeah, it’s a guide on how to get girls etc, it’s very good actually (self promo right :smiley: ). Anyways, I have been Arsenal fan since Özil moved here from Real (yes, I am a Real fan also) so… I guess… I’m a man of two clubs, lol :smiley:


Excuses excuses. You fail to take your chances, you fail to win. Simple.


We all know secretly, Jose has pictures of Arsene all round his house, he’s the biggest fan after all :wenger: