Manchester United thread


From what I remember reading is that Bastian got a lot of special treatment from LVG last season so I don’t think Mourinho making him train with the kids will draw too much sympathy from the players who hated the LVG era.


Apparently he is treated this way because Mourinho has told him that he is not in his plans but Schweinsteiger is not willing to get a transfer.
Make sense but United fans also think that this is an acceptable behaviour.

If you have made a contractual agreement, abide by it.
If he is not in your plans, don’t select him.
What difference will a player training with first team would do?

Mourinho is a lunatic.


Mourinho gonna Mourinho. The man doesn’t give two fucks about anybody except himself. It has been hilarious to watch United fans talk themselves into the idea that he is somehow not such a bad guy. If you’re hiring him as a mercenary to help win trophies, fine. But don’t suddenly pretend like he has been misunderstood all these years and is actually a decent, defensible human being.

I think the problem is that they gave Schweinsteiger massive wages so nobody will take him given his decline. I’m sure he would be happy to move on but he’s not going to take a pay cut nor should he. This is going to be like RVP. United is going to sell him somewhere and quietly arrange to pay a huge portion of his wages just to make the problem go away.



Pogback :joy::joy::joy:

What genius came up with that slogan, Arsenal should really sign him up to firm up our publicity department.


I’d like to know what Fergie thinks of this signing.


Juventus must be laughing.
Stole a talent from United for free and then sold him back to them at massive masssive profit.


This is one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen. The most disgusting, dispicable club, being managed by the most disgusting, dispicable manager around. Just looking at them makes me want to puke.

Edit: by the way Ibra is playing?? Don’t think he’s kicked the ball yet (yes i know I’m going to regret mocking him lol).


Lingard thinks to be CR7. 1-0 to them against Leicester. Quite undeserved lead. They have been shit in the first half.
1-0 United at HT. Not a great game in the end, albeit Leicester have created more. Ibra has been a ghost.


Lingard scored a great goal but United is so boring. Bailly is playing a good game…


1-1 guess who?


Lol! Great assist by Fellaini to Vardy. 1-1.


That Vardy fella is pretty good we should have tried to buy him.


Vardy was perfect for us: rapid, only 20M £ and the transfer window closed in June.


Leiceastsr looks confident if nothing else…still just playing the game we used to play when we were owning everyone.


POGBACK will be nothing in comparison to FLAMBACK


Yeah, just give them another league. No one can stop them atm.


That was a great diving header by Zlatan. 2-1 Manure.


Ibrahimovic is just walking the entire time. Can’t believe anybody is willing to pay even a fraction of his ridiculous wages.


First trophy for these cunts. Fuck!