Manchester City thread





Tacky as fuck. Wonder where the pole dancers go.


Looks like where the sith lords would meet.


Think it looks brilliant. Makes ours look bargain basement. :hipster:


Agreed, looks good.


Bit random that Luca

Looks fantastic IMO. Well played to City


That’s one sexy dressing room minus the badge


Eh, it’s a bunch of seats a bath and a warm up area. They haven’t reinvented the wheel.

You’re going to have to do more than that to impress me city!


I would rather go to wetherspoons



Man City establishing a footballing cartel to subvert FFP.


I do hope they fail again. Clubs like them and P.S.G have ruined football.


I don’t understand why we don’t do the same


Because videos of fat American cunts shooting lions are really cool!!!


Guardiola is a manager I will always categorized as a genius. The way he makes teams play out of precision, planning and true to what football should be, always makes me like him.

But what value addition does he do apart from that?
Pellegrini, Mancini have won the PL with lesser bunch of talents. Pellegrini has also payed some great football with his bunch.

So is 430m of influx absolutely necessary for Guardiola to be able to give the same output with say 20% better football?
430m on top of talents he already inherited(Aguero, Silva, De Bruyne, Sterling, Kompany, Otamendi, Yaya Toure). In a way he has 650m worth of talent in his disposal.
What manager worth his salt won’t win titles if given such a squad?
Is Guardiola unable to do his work unless equiped with world class quality players?

I mean 30m for Danilo as a backup fullback. That is just a cheat mode right there.

I mean I love the football he brings but can he really state that he has a number on all his competing managers if he just hogs up all quality players he can in whichever league he goes.

I guess he can justify all this is by winning CL by beating two of Real Madrid/Barca/PSG.

in Euros (from transfermarkt)
John Stones - 57m
Leroy Sane - 50m
Gabriel Jesus - 32m
Gundogan - 27m
Nolito - 18m
Bravo - 18m
Mendy - 57m
Kyle Walker - 51m
Bernardo Silva - 50m
Ederson - 40m
Danilo - 30m

Total - 430m in 3 windows.

PS - Don’t get me wrong. I am bored of Arsenal and would welcome an unfair title win as well.
And if I was a manager and I had the power to purchase, I would go FIFA as well.


Two words: fuck off! You wanted to make a mockery of us, leaving us no time to replace Sanchez.

Alexis should have been sold abroad though.


Those transfers are not just for Pep though. They are all young great talents that are major investments for the future of the club, moreso for when Pep is gone. With the market increasing in value every season, they wont lose money on those players. In fact could make profits in the future.

Also City are big on investing in young players. Dont they have a sporting directing or some shit that probably reccommended these signings. Wont be all down to the manager.


Begiristain, he was also Barca’s DoF from 2003 to 2010.


Enough said. City and Chelsea are kings of the market.