Manchester City thread


Two trophies and the fact city didnt compete at all in anything.They had all the fanfare and bluster after a few games in and then frankly died on every level.
They were a joke in europe and manager employed suicide tactics at Monaco with a 2 goal lead. League cup who eventually won that and europa cup.
They and their celebrated manager then imploded at Wembley with another lead to us in the cup. Take in account the size of the 2 clubs and Uniteds brand firmly put cith in the shade. Hence now we have this quick fix transfer policy going on now.


You can definitely argue United had a better season of you’re that way inclined, but I think saying they put City in the shade/shadows is a bit over the top, United didn’t do anything impressive enough to say that imo


Prices becoming too high even for City.


Probley not to high but more likely city needed to address their defensive positions rather then splash out on one player


Fucking hell have City bought Ornstein from us aswell?!


Lol! A bit ironic :mustafi:


They can likely afford him but given they’ve spent close to or over £200M? they might have an eye for FFP, if that’s a thing for them?


they can have him




Is this serious…or sarcasm :henry2:


Sane has a tattoo on his back of himself celebrating his goal against Monaco last season - a tie Man City lost! Although he has got rid of the City badge which was in the original design :smirk: I wonder if we’ll be seeing him on Tattoo Fixers next year…


Shite tattoo tbh.


That is a fucking awful tattoo.


If it was like the CL winning goal I’d understand but what the fuck is he thinking


So he is ready to leave! I’d take him immediately! :mustafi:


Youth + abundance of money = frequent stupidity

It’s a God awful tattoo and the “artist” is clearly a hack also.


You’d think with that much money at least technique wise the tattoo would be on point but it barely even looks like him lol


Ngl he kinda messed it up with the badge but I like Sane so I’ll let him off




If you consider the fact United are probably the most talked about team in England, no matter what their form. Id say City have to win things on a regular basis to elevate themselves above united.
The fact they didnt figure in any competition and basically had an awful season. Considering they brought in Pep and they expectation that brought it was a woeful season for them. Littered with some poor performances and the blunder signing of the keeper being the most talked about aspects of their season.
Your correct that united didnt impress too much last season at all. Im still saying though united being the bigger club and succesfull in a season dwarfs city.
I think this is the same with our Fa cup win over spurs. Basically the biggest club gets more coverage and success puts the smaller club back. Same thing happens on merseyside.