Manchester City thread


Kyle was considered the best RB in the league by many throughout last season. I don’t think it’s embarrassing at all tbh.

A tad over the top for sure.


City are the perfect example of what to hate about this sport. Still though they are the lesser of all evils in england. Would gladly have City win the title over the likes of Chelsea, United, Lolpool, and Tottenham…obvious caveat being we can’t win it.


I can’t even hate City, they’re just a product of the fact that the top end of English football sold it’s soul a long time ago by whoring itself to foreigners .

If you want an authentic football experience please support a club in the lower leagues


I feel like it’s OK to bemoan the aspects of change you don’t like, but you are entirely correct in your statement.


A fair point.


In terms of percent of total club revenue he probably still has the record. Back in 02 or 03 FFS


TBF at least City under Pep play expansive attacking football unlike Mourinho’s Chelsea who’d regularly park the bus despite being one of the world’s most expensive sides.


I fairly sure he was a world record signing for a defender, and almost any position more than fifteen years ago.
So allowing for inflation, the 30m Man U paid for him would be worth nearer 90m.
Although he was probably good value, considering what he won for them.


And imagine how much Thiago Silva would cost if City were to prise him away from PSG.


No fuck this city getting a pass on the cunt club outlook. To me they are the worse of the fucking lot english wise.
They got the biggest freebie in history with that stadium and are showing themselves to be amongst the biggest whores in world football in this window.
Simple fact is Mourihnio put them back in the shadows last season with an average united side. Their plastic as fuck and hope they fucking disintegrate again this season.


How exactly did Mourinho put them back in the shadows lol? They finished 3 places behind City in the league table without beating them in the league.


Knocked them out of the League cup I suppose :joy:


Still though they have a long ways to go winning titles before they are ever considered to be on our level historically. So if they win a few more I won’t be upset, even though they are everything you describe. United and Lolpool must be stopped and the scum for obvious reasons. Even Chelsea is a lesser of evils in that aspect.


And image failing again. It would almost be the end for Guardiola.


This could be bullshit but sounds about right.


Mourinho must have spent more, certainly if you take inflation into account.
Ferguson was no slouch either when it came to spending.
He has broken the transfer record in the PL more times than all the other managers put together, and there were some seasons where he spent more than nearly all the other managers combined.

Success definitely is the key to success.
Saying that, I’m not convinced Man City will win the PL this season, or the CL.


Our entire squad cost less than Pep has spent since he arrived at City! I know to win you need to have the best players etc, but that spending is insane!


And we still won 1 more trophy than him :mustafi:


As expected, this project is considerably harder than a Barça with a golden generation and Bayern with theirs.

He’ll definitely get the maximum out of Jesús, Sterling, Dr Bruyne, and probably Stones. I’m still however rather sceptical of Guardiola in the transfer market. For every good buy there always seems to be a flop.


And maybe Pep is a bit overrated :smile:. He can’t do that much without certain players.