Manchester City thread


He is a bald cunt :wink:




Hey hey hey. Men need to embrace baldness.


Starting to find hairs in the pillow?


You want men to cuddle his malteser shaped bald head?


Already bald mate. Took the plunge about 3 months ago, strangely liberating!


Do they drink sangria in Barcellona? It is not Spain :hipster:


Barcelona is in Spain


I was kidding :giroud3:


The good old days.


Maybe one day if we are lucky they will do a leeds and they will be back to that…unfortunately i doubt it though it will be like Abramovich, hate the cunt but he is going nowhere!


I absolutely love that clip haha. Genuinely didn’t know what team was attacking then.
Bring back the good ol’ days of English football please :grin:


Fantastic! I laughed so hard. This clip keeps giving and giving.


I approve of this meme.


City have the 3 most expensive defenders in football history :joy:

Mustafi 6th :eyes:


I had no idea how big a signing Mustafi was until now.

Shouldn’t Rio be in there somewhere?


He was 30M maybe he’s 11th or something


Ah fuck. Thought he was more! Would love to see these transfers adjusted for inflation to get a good idea just what Mandy etc represent against the big boys.


It’s really embarrassing looking at that list. Seeing Bonucci and Thiago Silva on it, then casting your eye upwards, you come upon Kyle Walker


Demonstrates just how much PL teams get fleeced because of the tv money.