Manchester City thread


Ihenacho when he got his chance as a starter, fell flat on his face. I don’t think he scored a goal when he started in place of Aguero. If I remember correctly Pep dropped him against us and played Yaya Toure as their striker in the first half of that match. No wonder he’s being sold to West Ham. We aren’t missing out.


It’s not like they would be selling us Aguero so I don’t think it’d be too much of a sticking point.

We’re hardly their genuine rivals any more.


Man United sold us Welbeck. Basically the same level of player so I don’t see why not. We obviously just weren’t interested - which in a way is a good thing, we shouldn’t be targeting the same players as West Ham!


Short memories. Kid is a talent and a natural finisher. Would make loads of sense to target him as a back-up/change-up to Alexis at CF.


He was no less impressive than Rashford was at one stage.

But he isn’t English so doesn’t benefit from dat English hype.


could turn out to be a great signing for West Ham, have always been impressed by Kelechi, Pab Zab a decent signing as well


I don’t believe City sell to top 4 rivals because well they haven’t ever since the sheihks took over have they? The only times it happened was when of their players contracts expired. They’ve shifted plenty of players but never to a top 4 rival.




He was brilliant against BVB. £45m though!


43M for Bernardo Silva, 45M for Ederson and Pep still need to sign a CB, two RB, one LB, an holding midfielder, another midfielder if Fernando or Yaya will leave and probably a striker to replace Ihenacho to have a reserve for El Kun, a classic injury-prone player.


Actually a little glad they are spending so much on their GK… with nearly 90MM spent already, definitely makes it hard to fill all the holes - they will get to sell a few though (or are all their departures on a free?).


I thought it was €45m which is £33m? Maybe I’m incredibly wrong.


According to Sky Uk they are in talks with him for a fee in the region of £45m.


At the moment he needs two RBs because Zabaleta and Sagna haven’t signed a new contract, a starter on the left because Clichy will leave at the end of the month, a pivòte in front of the defenders, another midfielder if Yaya and Fernando will leave, and a striker to replace Ihenacho.

Mah… they are crazy.


Yeah our best hope is that they have another season of turmoil with so many new players.


never really seen this Benfica keeper but they definitely needed a new one with the guy they signed from Barca being so awful and Cabalerro just being enough for a backup


They have bought a great midfielder and GK, Silva and Ederson, who are both first team players, and the season has only just finished.
They are going to be the busiest of all the top clubs in this transfer window.


Pep has never been that good when it comes to buy players. Hopefully he fails again.



Guardiola sporting that 1800’s look.