Manchester City thread


Apart the price (not 60M as Mirror said, fuck them) he is a very talented player.

City next season will have Sanè, KDB, Jesus, Bernardo Silva, Gundogan, Sterling, David Silva (probably is game time will be reduced), maybe Aguero, Sterling.

I think Bernardo will play like Cazorla, Iniesta or David Silva, with Fernandinho on midfield to protect the defenders as pivote and Gundogan near him. KDB and Sanè will play behind Gabriel Jesùs.

Strong, strong team.


^ perfectly said.

Can’t wait to see how that lineup under Pep handle the champions league.

Plus, if Mourinho gets this summer right, they could very well be at a similar level.

Conte and his Chelsea team need no further words, it’s just going to be mental next season.


I’ve never been convinced about Morata for a variety of reason tbh Although my opinion of him has changed for the better over the course of this season. I wouldn’t say no to Morata at this point.

Lukaku though, his record speaks for itself - he’s pretty much established himself as a proven PL goal scorer. Perfect blend of pace and strength, the ideal no 9. It’s not even a given that he’d want to join us without CL, such is his level ambition. Need more people like that in the squad


Yeah we better get used to the Europa League :joy:


Pep just isn’t as good of manager as I thought he was. He really needs world class players in every position to work his magic. To his credit he’s going out there and building a team of world class players as every competitive manager should, but at the same time I think he’s lost a bit of credibility this season.


I can’t say I blame you as he hasn’t really ever been a consistent starter, however, he has been at two of the biggest clubs in world football and there’s no shame in that.

He brings all the things Lukaku brings the table, strong, great in the air, quick and can spearhead counters, can hold it up and is a very good finisher. He has better technique than Lukaku and also works harder off the ball, I think he has a higher ceiling overall.

Lukaku though has been pretty damn good this season, has the consistent record and all of his goals were from open play with a good mixture from the left foot, right foot and headers which is very impressive. Looks like he’s definitely ready for a big move and I’d be happy with either but as you said I doubt Lukaku will be too happy about missing out on CL football whereas Morata most likely wouldn’t mind initially.

City are just getting started and we’re most likely going to get left behind particularly without making big boy signings.


What he’s trying to do is incredibly hard though. Wenger has tried it for 7,5 years and finally opted for another system to get some results, because he didn’t succeed…


Brilliant signing by Man City, fantastic player and beautiful to watch.


Bernando looks like another David Silva and they’ll play some beautiful football but they need to rebuild their defense and holding midfield positions to win things. Fernandinho alone with their current defense won’t cut it.


When David Silva sees Bernado Silva at training


de Bruyne

Sanè Bernardo Silva David Silva Sterling



Pep is capable of this :giroud:


West Ham finally getting a good striker.


West Ham becoming City’s landfil :wenger:. First Zabaleta, now Iheanacho.


We feed our best players to Man City, and they offload their surplus players to West Ham.
Although I think West Ham have done pretty well getting those two, especially Iheanacho, and got their business done early as well.


Would love to have ihenacho at arsenal


A bit of a steal. Even West Ham getting a better striker than us.


Yeah, wtf, why aren’t we in on that?


Who knows, but would they sell him to us? I don’t believe they would.


When Iwobi and iheanacho are on international duty together, their Snapchat videos are pretty funny - they’re room mates. Be worth signing him just for that.

But nah, we already have Perez filling the forward who doesn’t play/team mascot role.


Yeah but Perez is an old git. We can satisfy ourselves on Innie’s “potential” for another 3 years :giroud2: