Manchester City thread


Collapsing the next year, yes…


We will NEVER spend anything close to 200m whilst Wenger is in charge, i am sick of it. He will spend a lot on projects but hardily ever pay the going rate for top talents…so tired of our ‘policies’ It hurts seeing big names constantly linked with Mancity etc and we get linked to mediocre talents of ‘who’ type talents. We will never be a big club anymore, sucks to say it i just cant see us ever reaching what we are meant to when we have the board we have and a fucking manager like wenger with his shit projects and policies and wage structure, we will never be a top club with how we are set up, it is not possible.

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Portsmouth, Leeds and Rangers. Obviously. :hipster:


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but WHY they do not even fucking need him :frowning: Mind you though we cannot even fucking get players we actually need. God, i hate Arsenal for this so bad, all these teams building depth with top quality players…Wenger that utter fucktard can’t even build a stable team,

We go seasons without a WC striker, WC CAM etc whilst other teams are hoarding talent we can’t even fill the holes in our injury ridden poor excuse of a squad. Have to say it I am really jealous of these teams they have their shit together and build we just sit here and look on whilst everyone gets better and we just do the bare minimum (sometimes we don’t even complete the bare minimum and go into a season unprepared as per fucking usual)


They do need him because he’s incredibly versatile and can play in the middle, out wide and also in the hole. He’s essentially Silva’s long term replacement.

They need another quality player especially in central midfield because Gundogan is out and can’t be replied upon fitness wise and Toure is quite old now.

Great signing for them when they get it over the line.


That doesn’t mean we can’t do better than what we did the last three seasons.


Excited about seeing Bernardo Silva in the Prem, won’t lie. Nice statement of intent from City, as they virtually guarantee finishing above us again with a single signing.

Meanwhile over st Arsenal we don’t even know if our manager and two best players are staying, let alone who might be arriving. Shambles of a situation :laughing:


Beginning of a big summer for City. This would be the perfect start.


Bernado Silva has to be my favourite up and coming player in all of world football, even more so than Mbappe (though no doubt about the latters potential).

There is just something about him that’s so god damn majestic, so intelligent.


As usual, sit and wait… Silva is brilliant player. Great signing for them.


Keep on stacking out all talent on the same position and then rely on some shitty defenders or players playing out of position. This is all very Guardiolish.


Well he’s lost Clichy, Sagna, Zabaleta and Navas and Kolarov is hardly his best boy so you’d assume somewhere in this big spending is finally going to be some fullbacks.


It’s official, top signing.


I’d almost forgotten that this is City and Guardiola is their coach.

They’re going to be awesome next year, aren’t they :unamused:


Title is definitely going to Manchester next season…

Meanwhile at Arsenal we don’t even know who the gaffer will be. Either way i’d like a big signing and it has to be Lukaku


Ive always felt he was more a United / Chelsea player tbh.


I’d rather Morata who would also be cheaper but yeah we need to go big or go home on a striker for next season no two ways about it.

We really are in a shambles though it’s madness.


I’d always been skeptical of his finishing but this season he was exceptional and he’s still so young. I agree we should throw our hats in the ring for his signature.