Manchester City thread


Oh shit, I totally forgot Bac was still with us then, feels like he’s been gone longer.


Bernardo Silva having a medical at Man City…

If it’s true we had any interest in Lemar, I really doubt we (especially us) can get him now.


Love a bit of Bernardo Silva. Real shame that City are getting him (not that I thought we ever had a chance, but still…) City getting their business done early - out with the deadwood and in with the stars. Meanwhile, we look like having the opposite transfer policy :laughing:




Monaco getting destroyed and the seasons not even been done a week :joy::joy:


Fuck! Great signing if true.


We are gonna move late in august as usual :hipster:


That’s an amazing thing to say.

You think we actually have a transfer policy? :wink:



One League title doesn’t make you a great club. They are doing their business too btw (Tielemans).


Last year we spent 100M, a record for our club. City are spending the 70% our record on a single player.

That’s the difference.


Fucking Tielemans. Pull your finger out Arsene and sign us some genuinely top young talent


They are getting Silva? for fuck sake. Guy is a David Silva clone.

I swear any player i get excited about joins a rival.


Good signing from WHU


Surely no longer than a 1 year contract.


United have now joined the fight


You do realise we are more than capable of spending £200m in a summer window. Newcastle are operating on 100-120m and they are nowhere near as big a club as we are.



No they’re not. They’re spending £43m on Silva, which is £1m more than our most expensive signing ever.


People need to stop perpetuating the myth that we’re fucking paupers. I know it doesn’t correlate entirely but you just have to look at the likes of Usamov throwing 1.3 billion at us to buy 60 percent of Arsenal. We are a fucking massive club and all that shit about us not being able to spend has held us back much longer than it should have.

I genuinely think we could have competed much better the during early Emirates era, it was our shitty player acquisition that was our downfall, not a tight budget.