Manchester City thread


A mirror does exist for him to look back on it :slight_smile:


his money, his body but also his stupid decision for such a pointless tattoo


Why are people so against some trends/fads particularly younger players follow? Just let them live :slight_smile:


not against it because it’s his decision but still think it’s a pointless tattoo, just my opinion


It’ll look silly when he’s an old man. I just see the trends younger players follow downplayed a lot, which is harsh.


I’m not against it but I reserve the right to think its stupid as fuck. :slight_smile:


Gael Clichy, Jesus Navas, Willy Caballero and Bacary Sagna all confirmed so far to be leaving ManCity this summer. It will be interesting to see who they bring in to replace them and how long it will take.


Would anyone take Sagna back for backup?

Wouldn’t be against it tbh


34, no thanks.


Yes, bring him Bac…

Nah, not really. The man sold his soul for 1 league cup, he can do one!


Nope dont want him back, he changed his cool hair…not hip anymore dont want!


Hell no, he’s long in the tooth, lost athleticism and still can’t cross a ball.

Ludivine is a different matter though.


As reliable as Sagna was I’m happy to never have to watch his crosses bounce of the first defender again.


When we have Bellerin and Ox who can play there why should we sign an ancient reject back…



Bacary Sagna was a fantastic servant of the club for as long as he wore the Arsenal colours. Till his last day he was a consummate professional and probably one of the most committed defenders in our team, at a time when Koscielny had yet to fully blossom, and if I recall correctly Carl Jenkinson was our only other recognised right-back (2011-2013 period). It was his header, at 2-0 down against Spurs at the Emirates, when we were something like 10 points behind them in the league which just said “Fuck off”, and triggered the comeback to 5-2 (the first one), in my first and till date favourite North London Derby.

Sagna left after seeing out his contract, for a big final payday, to what is nominally a rival club, but one against whom we don’t have as much animus as say Tottenham or Man U, or Chelsea. Sure, he may not have loved Arsenal, he probably isn’t a fan, and he may not go down as one of the Arsenal greats. But he served the club admirably, and is a player that left the club honourably. I don’t think it makes much sense to have him back given his age and his qualities won’t fit the current shape and outlook of our team, but I wish him well wherever he goes.

Sorry if this seems a bit ranty, but I suppose he’s a player I like :hipster:


Old people look great with a bit of ink tbh.


Wow. Ask Nasri and Clichy though.


How have we won three trophies? Surely it’s either 2 or 4 trophies?! 2 FA Cups and then 2 Community Shields, if you’re a mug :grin:


He means 2 shields and the cup. He played against Hull. So its really one Fa cup against his league cup at city really.