Manchester City thread


Had a very poor season, they will scrape top 4 due to United’s run home from this point. But a trophyless scraping top 4 season is very poor for Pep and Man City.


I think it’s got nothing to do with Pep. He just doesn’t have the horses in a very competitive league. He has plenty of money to turn it around though.


It has plenty to do with him he went out and bought a host of attacking players and neglected the back which is just stupid, arrogant or both.

There was all this talk of making wholesale changes thoroughout the squad and he goes and spunks almost £50mil on John Stones and calls it a day as far as the defence is concerned, it was beyond obvious that they needed at least two FB’s and another CB. They currently don’t have a stand out defender in the whole squad barring Kompany and he’s about as reliable as a chocolate tea pot.

When you’re having to play the likes of Kolarov consistently let alone all the games he’s played at centre back then you’ve definitely failed in one way or another.

And then there’s the calamity that is Claudio Bravo, as I said he’s definitely failed to some extent.



Oh ffs lol.

Coman Jesus Sanè is a ridiculously good front 3 :disappointed:


Jesus looks like a special player to me. But I’m not entirely convinced by City’s wing options nor is it clear to me that Coman is any better. A lot easier to dominate with Robben and Ribery than Sane and Sterling.


Another offensive player, still not WC though. Is he gonna play him as RB? :mustafi:


Pep knows. Valdés is a crack, even at 35 he could probably be one of the top keepers in the world if given the chance at a big club.


wait, werent they keeping Coman!?

Are they still selling Costa?

Christ alive Alexis is going to Bayern isnt he…


Costa has been a dud for Munich and Coman needs another challenge, Robbery are old and injury prone, think it’s safe to say Alexis has packed his bags already.


Coman gave an interview a couple of days ago saying that if Bayern are not buying Ronaldo or Messi, he’ll stay. Not on his way to City.


Let’s think about the “now” shall we. WBA to edge them tonight.


Sane got a whole back tattoo.

Of himself. Celebrating that glorious moment when…
He scored a complete tap in.
Against Monaco.
In the first leg.
Of an R16 champions league tie.
They eventually lost.


Lol, awful tattoo


Even PES would do a better likeness than that crappy tattooist. Looks like an overweight Nelson Mandela.


That is a really shit tattoo of a really meh moment. He’ll regret that…Any Sane man would.


To be fair it was probably a special moment for him as a young player.


Its really a shame that the tattoo artist didn’t misunderstand him and put the other players in the background too :smile:


What’s he going to do if he gets an assist for the winner in the Community Shield?
Get the front done.


[quote=“GunnerGirl, post:518, topic:129, full:true”]
To be fair it was probably a special moment for him as a young player.
[/quote]Meh, if he wanted to remember the moment, you get a photo, not a tattoo of something like that. He’s literally not going to be even be able to look back on it :laughing: