Manchester City thread


Nah, he’s due to resurrect at Easter…


Last week I started to read “Herr Pep” , a book written by Martì Perarnau, a spanish journalist guest of Pep during his first season at Munich to understand how Pep is a mental coach and how tried to change the german football and the style of a panzer team like Bayer.

Any suprise for me, I was sure about how Pep is good. He is a genius, his love for football and for his job reminds me to Arsène Wenger.

Perarnau described perfectly his approach to Bayern Munich, his year off to USA to relax and recover the energies, his problems with Barça and Sandro Rossell (according to Perarnau, Barça tempted to sell Cesc Fabregas after only one year and they were sure to sell Pique and Dani Alves to start a new era).

It’s lovely how Pep was on fire to become the Bayern manager and to export his mentality (and the mentality of his staff. When I will finish the book, I would like to study interesting figures like Manuel Estiarte, Lorenzo Buenaventura and Domenec Torren) and how the players have refused since the first time to change their habits. Despite Kroos, Basti, Muller, Boateng, Lahm are class players, they preferred - and prefer - to run around the pitch or upwards to a hill instead of play with the ball and abandone the ball only for soft stretching sessions.

Lovely to know how Pep was a fan of Pierre Emilie Hojberg as pivote like Busquets and how has disciplined Javi Martinez to become a CB, helping him to remove the strenghts (for Guardiola were weaknesses) assimilated from Bielsa at Bilbao.

I recommend this book to everyone.


I definitely second this!

I read this when it came out and the behind the scenes detail is incredibly intriguing. The man management of Guardiola is second to none. No detail is left unturned.

The thing that both Guardiola and Wenger share in abundance is their love for the game. Both men live and breath football.




This sort of media and pundit fawning of Wenger as the weeks goes on, is what makes the whole Wenger case easier for the board to shy away from doing what they should.
Wenger is clever enough to use this too make no mistake.


At times it really is disgusting though.


Fair comment. Personally I think the attitude of sections of the media preaching the gratitude line to our fans is patronising to fuck tbh.


What a load of shit. Arsene Wenger has done a lot more for our club than any single fan. The disrespect he receives from some of the fools in the stadium (I listen to it every week) is fucking pathetic.

You can want change but maintain the class to not call him a senile old man every time a player misplaces a pass. He’s a damn sight more intelligent than us.



Of course he’s done more than any single fan and he’s been paid millions for his work.


Same old, same old. Nobody questioning the past achivements.
My issue is with having to address everytime you mention a subject connected with him, it always has to be connected to his past.
Where in a difficult moment for the next chapter of this club right now and past glories right now are irrelavant.
They rightly bought him sometime but that times gone now.
So fuck the let them eat cake brigade in the media and AKBs hurt egos.


He’s lost it. :joy:


Of course Guardiola is going to say that.

What’s he supposed to say, “Wenger deserves all the criticism he’s getting.”

It’s the managers mutual admiration society.
They all know they are only a few defeats away from the same happening to them.

He wouldn’t be sucking up to Wenger if we had just beaten them to the League title with a few dodgy decisions going against them.


Hah, he’s probably as bored as Wenger with all the stupid questions about individual performances.


Of course it’s unacceptable for him. It doesn’t matter who he is in the game, living in Germany and focusing on himself he will have had no idea about the growing fan resentment of Wenger in the last 3 years.

So he’s rocked up in England, seen Wenger do well (we were playing some good shit at the start of the season) and spend half the season above him then suddenly seen the tide turn on him in the last 8 weeks.


Anyone else think Peps getting an easy ride in the press over a poor season here.
Failing on every front and his team putting in some really poor performances.
Bravo signing been a disaster and champions league surrender with a 2 goal lead employing poor tactics was embarassing. Even last week losing the cup semi final was inept and found him wanting. Some how though theres no crticisim that Wenger and Mourinhio have had. Tbh im not getting why not. Its looking like an epic fail of a season.
Next season might be different but surely everybody expected more than this mediocrity.


Tbf I’d give him a fee pass this season their best players are all 30+

Fancy them for the league next season as he’ll buy much better fb’s and have a fit Gundogen.

Sterling Jesùs Sanè is :eyes: as a front 3


I actually think the league will be won by one of the Manchester clubs next season. Jose for all the shit he gets has been building a solid basis at United. I can see them being formidable next year


I think united are progressing more than city but with work to do.


I’m inclined to agree with Stroller. I think overall they’ve fallen quite below expections. Pep always blitzs the first season and let’s not forget, they won their first 10 games in all competitions. They looked good in the early stages. But once a few bad results crept in, they haven’t looked formidable or consistent. And no trophy in the first season will be a disappointment.

If they some how finish outside the top 4, then the season really will be classed as quite a failure for them. And to think of all the stick Pellegrini had last season.

They should be a lot better next season I’m sure but still doesn’t escape the fact they’ve been well below par this season, which few expected to see.