Manchester City thread


Feel like hes a Falcao waiting to happen. You know the second we take him a knee would fall off and thats that. Stuck with a guy that cant do fuck all for 5 years.

A shame because he is still a boss. Its just sods law he doesnt work for us.


I wouldn’t take Agüero. Too injury prone. Dybala is a different story though. I’d easily pay a world record transfer fee for him.


Aguero is a premier league great but I feel like injuries are really taking their toll on him.


Can see him going back to Atletico Madrid next season


He isn’t even injury prone, but just not having a great, by his standards, season so far.


Killer mentality :joy:


Sorry to ruin the fun, but that’s not actually true :smile:

The celebration is dedicated to his mum.


Do you know the mother of Jesus?


Indeed, it’s for Mary :wink:

He used to do that celebration in Brazil too. Though the ex-girlfriend story is much more fun.


Gabriel Jesus is amazing.

He is such a great talent, the most promising striker i have seen in a long time.


I think it’s safe to say he’s the best talent in 2000 years.


No pressure or anything but…


Easter could be an interesting period for him then.


He’s not good with crosses, though.:per:


Unlike most City (and music) fans his favourite Stone Roses album is actually their sophomore effort




Didn’t they pay around £18m for him?


£27m it says here


Must suck to be a City fan. Can’t see them achieving anything over 6th place if they’re forced to use that Argentinian fella they keep on the bench.


So season over for him?