Manchester City thread


We might get something at Anfield but very unlikely it is going to be a win.


We should beat Manure at home, imo. The hardest fixtures are Chelsea and Tottenham.


But its’ Mourinho. I don’t think we’ve ever played a Mourinho team at home and had anything other than a 0-0. Even if United haven’t been quite as defensive as the archetypal Mourinho teams of yore, I’m pretty confident that that’s the approach they take and I think they’ll succeed.


Don’t know to be honest, Utd are playing well right now and grinding out results and Jose seems to get the better out of Wenger, so wouldn’t be that confident agaisn’t any game agaisn’t the top 6. I add in the Liverpool away game along with Chelsea and Spurs. If we get anything out of those games, even win them then I think we’re on to something. I fully expect us to lose all three to be honest, If we play to our best we should be beating City and Everton at home.


I found it laughable when during the summer all the pundits and press were saying Pep will run away with the PL. I always thought he have it a lot harder then everyone was expecting. City are a aging team, this will be a slow rebuild unless Pep spends crazy this summer. Even then I don’t see him doing what he did at Barca and Bayern winning titles every season, PL is a tough league to win. You can’t afford to slip up these days like you could when we and UTD won titles back in the day.

Is Pep and City up for the fight for maybe a season or two of not winning anything. I think it could be that way for them. But this is the time when we see if Pep is one of the all time greats.


Disagree about us beating Manure, Wenger is 0 in 12 vs Jose in the league and Manure seem to be improving as the season progresses.


I know, but playing at home should be a bonus.


Man City were probably beating Swansea 4-0 away while we laboured at Everton, I just see it as taking advantage of our ‘easy’ fixtures while we can. Still have no confidence of dominating any matches in our Top 6 mini league.


Pep come london.

He’d be properly supported and taken care of here.

Especially when you see the support we give Wenger, with somebody of Pep’s record he would have full backing.


Anyone think that Aguero isnt quite right this season. I cant tell if he just isnt the same with how pep sets up or if he has lost a bit of pace or if those niggling injuries have somewhat caught up with him. He just doesn’t look the same shit yourself nuisance of a striker he was in seasons past that you just knew he would grab an important goal. Not saying he has turned crap far from it but he just doesnt seem as potent and as much of a worry for teams as he was before. Or is it just me?


Not just you, I said in the other premier league fixtures thread today:

I wouldn’t really know as I haven’t watched City much this season, but Agüero is really at a significantly lower level than he has been in all his time in England, no?

He definitely did not look nearly as threatening as I’m used to seeing him.


Too many hamstring injuries, imo. He has lost pace.



I think he looks a pretty special talent.


Definitely a player I’ll enjoy following over the next few years.


City have gone from a slow aging team to speed merchants overnight. Sane, Gabriel and Sterling are genuinely shit quick and have the ability to carry the ball effectively.


We should sign Aguero.

He would fit right in with Ozil, Sanchez and Cech.


Would be fantastic but they’d never sell him to us.


Then when he breaks down for 3/4 of a season people will bitch and moan!


Most seasons at City he has managed 30+ league games.