Manchester City thread


I didn’t go back and read the thread, but from memory I thought he had shared a tweet. Anyways I didn’t look at that comment to be serious, but not surprised with the way a lot of people take every tongue and cheek comment to be literal, you and SRCJJ would think that’s what was meant. I doubt you can quantify which player is better regardless. Unless like I said before you just want to look at the price tag, and if that’s how you decide which player is better, well then I can’t help you much. Holding wouldn’t be doing any worse than Stones has this year, if anything he’d peobably be doing better.


Yes you did take the comment to be serious, because you sincerely agreed with it, whilst showing no outward signs that you were joking. Calum not only made the statement, but then replied to SRCJJ doubling down on the initial comment.

Why are you talking shit when you clearly have no idea what you are on about?


Cantona was right:


Here’s what I said. Lol seems you’ve taken over my mantle of just making shit up??


No he’s the most error prone defender in the league and it isn’t particularly close and it has nothing to do with the price tag because he was massively error prone at Everton. He’s absolutely shit at defending and he isn’t nearly as good on the ball as is made out. Next year he’ll rot on City’s bench and in about 18 to 30 months he’ll get a chance to re-build his career at West Ham or Swansea.


What have I made up?

That’s wasn’t your first post in that thread. Before that Calum had said that Holding was better and when replying to SRCJJ you said “I agree with Calum tbh”

You’re all over the place lol.

I’m done anyway, this is beyond tedious. Only wanted to say that you misrepresented the argument SRCJJ was involved in.


You didn’t understand what I posted. The bit of text I posted above was the explanation of the intial post. No biggie, as you said I’m guilty of the same.


I guess he wish he could go back to Spain :wenger: . He will be given another year to sort it out though.


He might be given a year to sort it out but will he take it? To me he seems like the kind of guy that would just resign if he was unhappy and he doesn’t look so happy these days.


Since when is market value for a somewhat average but promising defender joint highest fee ever paid for a defender in the history of football.

Maybe if a club paid £50m for Romagnoli, Varane, Laporte or Gimenez or something, rated them highly and and said it was market value I’d let it pass but John fucking Stones? lol

edit: no Idea why that comes up as a reply you Luca lol


And then do what? Sit at home and watch television?

Also why is there even talk of him resigning or having to be given a year time to ‘sort it out’ lol


Pep must now be realising how much he fucked up in the summer, he bought plenty of attacking players in but did very little for the defensive side. Kompany is simply done and Stones is still a project and going to a top club isn’t an easy transition plus the actual CB partnership is an issue as there is no leader there, Otamendi needs more of a leader to bring the best out of him. The fact he’s been playing Kolarov at CB is just pathetic.

And don’t get me started on the fullbacks they are just wholly inadequate baring Sagna who himself is just solid, they’ve let the likes of Raphaël Guerreiro now at Dortmund and Djibril Sidibé now at Monaco pass them by plus Riccardo Rodriguez who could have been had on the cheap for under £20mil.

I think he has to take most of the blame for their fortunes because he has neglected key areas and clearly underestimated the PL, he wants to play a certain way and didn’t bring in players that could replicate it. I’d say he should take a punt on Jose Fonte at Southampton as he has handed in a transfer request, he would be able to come in and be a leader in the defence. It would be a stop gap but would take Stones out of the firing line and give Otamendi a vet that will lead him, adding to that they badly need at least one full back.


Hopefully Spurs shit the bed against them next week like we did at the Etihad a few weeks ago.


At the end of the day stones didnt set his price tag, he is a victim of the state of the market / english football.

Still fun to see him not meet expectations


Lol! Not really a response to my post :coq:


That bottom sentence. :joy::joy::joy:


Maybe fish are more slippery and maybe because they are not ball shaped makes it so much harder :santi:


I’d almost agree with you, but I’d sooner see them take a point apiece from their game next week, for the same reason the United/Liverpool was better for us yesterday. Apart from the fact that it galls me to see the Spuds doing as well as they are, it would certainly be beneficial if City came out with enough vengeance for this week’s implosion to hold the Spuds.

Meanwhile, we rack up another three points against Burnley.


We need to make sure of our easier fixtures because we are a near certainty to drop points at Stamford Bridge, Anfield, White Hart Lane and at home to Jose’s United.


I think we might get something from Anfield actually, that will be an interesting game. But yeah, at the Bridge and against United at home our ceiling will be one point. For the North London Derby though I’m always hoping for a win.