Manchester City thread


Im confused. I thought he just shagged the nurse? She actually did something medical?

God damn.


Massively overboard. I completely agree with this.



To protect clean sport and athlete health and safety. It is a fact that IVs can be used to change blood test results (such as hematocrit where EPO or blood doping is being used), mask urine test results (by dilution) or by administering prohibited substances in a way that will more quickly be cleared from the body in order to beat an anti-doping test.[/quote]

When BJ Penn was dropped from UFC 199 WADA released a statement, this is part of it. It can be used to mask certain things.


Well we’re not the only joke in the top six.


Defense not working, attack not working… They’ll need a quick fix as they play Spurs next weekend. Playing like this will only have them concede another 4.


It’s refreshing to see that Pep geniunely have a challenge on his hands for the first time in his management career. That team is a mess right now.

Any title chances have gone after today. The rest of the season now is all about finishing top 4.


How to solve a problem like Man City.

Where to start?! Entire back line needs to go. John Stones is about as useful as a chocolate teapot. And Bravo may as well leave his gloves at home - the amount of times he actually remembers he has hands!

No doubt it’s not Pep’s fault though :roll_eyes: He’ll be given £500 million in the summer to buy more shit defenders!


Lol as useful as a chocolate tea pot. That’s definitely a British saying but I like it :per:


Will not be a surprise if Guardiola will sign his resignation before the end of the season. He is a strange person, everyone can see him, his face and his body language during the games or press conferences. He isn’t happy about this experience at City.

The board called him because they wanted an improvement after Pellegrini, but until now anything is changed at Manchester apart the players.

If Mansour trusts in Pep, should help him on the market, signing two or three great players before the end of the transfer window, but is Mansour satisfied about a manager who bought Bravo (isn’t better than Hart), Stones (the defense isn’t solid like in the past because the former Everton CB isn’t better than Demichelis) and prefers to play with a RB on midfield ( and this midfield is miles away from the concept of creative football)?


@SRCJJ your boy Stones killing it, definitely worth the 50m I’d say :gabriel:


Nobody said he was worth it. It’s just the market value for a player like him and he’s obviously talented. City look absolutely beleaguered defensively ATM so it’s harsh to hold their form against him.

He’s a young CB, it’s just a shame he came with such a high price tag because it detracts from his development and people such as yourself will jump on him at any given opportunity.

It’s worth noting that I’m pretty positive Stones will grow into a fine defender. And you’ll start to looo every inch the idiot you did in the Ibrahimovic thread.


If i were City’s owner, i would still give him one more season. His style of play clearly needs more than one season to adapt to the Premier League.


Nah I will only jump on him because wanna be football pundits as yourself will look at the price tag and say he’s quality without even having watched him, or very much of him. It’s obvious he’s a talent lol, however if you’d watched him at everton whatsoever you’d know he’s a decent player for the time being who makes a boat load of mistakes. He’s young so it’s forgiven and he’ll probably learn, however maybe you should wind your neck in a bit jumping on peple who have said that Holding has just as much promise.


They have similar problems to us - a lack of absolutely everything in midfield. Gundogan + Fernandinho is probably the best two in the league and they’re unavailable.

Stones should be demoted. He should be playing at home against weaker teams because this can only be knocking his confidence. It’s alright to say he’s young and he’ll learn but CBs don’t learn in the first team of top 4 clubs. Though to be fair to him, their defence is shit when he’s not there too.


This whole Stones/Holding thing originated with Calum saying that “City spend 56M on Stones while we get the better player for 3M”, and this is what SRCJJ responded to.

Which is different to how you’ve presented the debate in the quote above.


Nah, sack him immediately.


How about the entire conversation that ensued, captain save a ho?


Captain save a ho?!


:cristo: @JakeyBoy

Seriously though since when is every little thing that’s posted in here taken as gospel? Everyone in their right mind new that the tweet Calum shared was mostly a joke and to poke fun at city. However Stones has been terrible this year and with the way Holding has performed the gap between the two is nothing near £50m to £3m. In fact I think you could say with confidence, that Stones is nowhere near twice the player Holding is.

Oh and since everyone takes everything so literally around here lately I doubt you are a captain and SRCJJ might be a ho but I’ve got no clue.


Ignoring your bizarre attempts to be funny, I did read the rest of the conversation, and what SRCJJ is arguing against remains consistent, which is the original point Calum made. You also agreed with that statement by the way. The debate wasn’t about Holding having as much potential as Stones, it was about whether Holding was better than Stones.

So yeah, you haven’t accurately represented the debate that was had when you just referenced it in this thread.

Edit: no it wasn’t a joke. Calum was genuinely saying that Holding is better than Stones. Why you lying?