Manchester City thread


I think he means in general terms, potentially that City will be one of his last jobs (potentially last club job).
He seems to be getting a bit fed up with the English press already, did anyone see the interview at the end of the game. It was like Jose 2.0


He expected to walk the league. That’s the reason why he is so nervous these days.


The English press has a habit of running people out of town don’t they?


Not really, no. They like to think they have that kind of power but they dont.


I can’t think of any England manager that hasn’t been hounded by them, and then kicked out of the job.

The press in this country, and most others, are vermin.



Pep isn’t happy because he understood how is retrograde this country about football. He likes a type of football with the ball between the feet and not in the air, he likes and respects a class of journalists with a passion to know and to understand and not to provoke. England are refusing to understand Pep (and are blaming him) like in the past with Arsène Wenger. England is, was and will be connected forever with a precise idea of football: tackle, long ball and a proper number 9 on attack, like in Italy. Italian and English football ideas are similar. This is the secret why Ranieri last season and now Conte are loved.

Talking about the squad, in my humble opinion, many players has deluded him. He hasn’t neither a good defender, a stone to build the defensive movements around him. Kolarov is shit as HB, Otamendi plays one good game and three bad, Kompany is injured and Stones isn’t yet ready to play for a top class club.

Kevin de Bruyne and Aguero pushed forward the team only thanks to their immense qualities. Probably we will see a different City when they will build a new defense in front of Bravo (another wrong choice because isn’t better than Caballero and Joe Hart), with a new midfield with Ilkay as playmaker and a mobile attack.

Manchester City are miles away from the idea who Pep has about football. The strange thing is one: despite all the problems and mistakes, they are 3th.


:clap: Agree 100%. This will be the toughest test of Pep Guardiola’s career for all of these reasons, but personally I’m very confident that given time (maybe two or three more years) he will manage to adapt in this culture shock and pulling this off will be the perfect storybook way for him to complete his sensational managerial career. Bet you he would feel a greater sense of glory about success in this job than his time with Barcelona and Bayern, given the scale of the job he needs to do.


I think @Maxi_Gooner is one of the best posters on the site. His understanding of the game and the way he articulates it is enjoyable to read.


I’d have a bit more sympathy for him on that front if he hadn’t spent nearly 50m quid on a centre back this summer.


Absolutely. Thanks for the superb contributions @Maxi_Gooner, they’re indeed some of the most interesting posts this section of the site has to offer for sure.


Should have come here then. Would have been better for all involved.


Of the teams that are competing for a top four place this season, Man City are the ones I could see struggling.
They look flimsy at the back and in some games lack organisation defensively, especially Stones.
Guardiola is clearly a top manager, but, like you say, without Aguero and De Bruyne, they wouldn’t have won as many games as they have.

I’m sure he will turn it around, but he seemed close to tears of frustration, in the interview after the game against Burnley, so the pressure is definitely getting to him.

He needs to bolster his defence in the next transfer window, and then we’ll see what he is capable of.


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Oh, thanks… :relaxed:

It’s just the result of many years as football fan (thanks to AW if I have this vision).


While i do agree with you, Pep should understand his style of play is nothing without certain players. I think he is gonna spend heavily this summer. A massive overhaul is coming.


Just in recent memory they seem to make certain people want to skip town. Suarez, Costa (unfortunately this cunt stayed) just off the top of my head to name a couple. Could see Pep getting fed up quite easily.


The thing is I doubt they read or pay any attention to it. Nice little excuse if they are agitating for a move though.


ooooohhhh dear has someone been a naughty boy?


Why are drips banned for footballers exactly? I think WADA go way overboard with some of thier stuff tbh.


dunno but it would be extremely funny if he did get banned, even if it isnt for 4 years even just 6 months or something LOL! I reckon it will all be resolved and nothing is there to report just them kicking up a stink about nothing that they can even prove!