Manchester City thread


hahaha. :joy:


Lol if that was really him he would have just gained my respect.


It’s not just athletes that use their “services” :joy:


Fucking hell, what a mess. Hard to believe this is the same bloke that had such a bright future with us at one stage. Really has become a total bellend as time has gone on.


That tweet about AFTV is way too comprehensible compared to the rest, cannot be the same person.



:joy: This story is gold.


Honestly wtf do you expect to get from a place like this :joy:


Drip Doctors Center will be the first place to visit before Arsenal when I will fly to London.



Pep Guardiola in training is a show. I should love to assist a training session with him.


Their centre is in LA, i’m sure @Arsenal4thetreble will hook you up.

And hook me up too while you’re at it brother.


Ouch, LA? OK @Arsenal4thetreble, I’m coming :ozil:


Not a pretty sight.


$150.00, fair deal ~~~



Hahaha, and I thought it couldn’t get any better. :joy:


Lol cmon over fellas I have a separate room off the house in the back yard where you can rest after your IV and sex. Haha it was a dead giveaway to me where this was. Only in LA are you gonna have what looks like a 25 year old already having massive surgery done on her face :facepalm:




He’s feeling the pressure so much, lol!


Pep is mad. Love it! :joy:

Normally I love it when journos get taken down a peg but this guy didn’t do anything.


Is there any truth to this:

If there is this guy is a fucking idiot mentioning it because that will effect the players and the club, should keep his mouth firmly closed, maybe he isnt the best sort of manager even though we wanted him if he is that easily rattled and that easily turned. Yeah i know he says he could be around for more than 3 years, but why is he talking about that now…he only just arrived, something aint quite right.