Manchester City thread


Shame about Gundogen as he’s a quality player to watch.


RIP Gundogan, he’s with the angels now xxxxxxxx


Christ, that’s embarrassing from City. Reminds me of the Brazil squad before the Germany game. Looks so silly.


If you think that’s embarrassing, imagine being the boy stood next to a ginge :weary:


Given that he’s a generally likeable guy who has had one nearly career ending injury already (over a year out, missing the WC) and just came back from another long injury, this is just a nice gesture. Nothing more, nothing less.


Always a shame when people die young.


They could just wear the top in a normal fashion. Fucking annoying as shit wearing a top like that, the tag scratches your adams apple and you feel like you’re being choked but not in the good way.


Or even just wear a t-shirt with a get well message. Probably a marketing shitebag who came up with the idea and we’re all talking about it so…


You’re right, I hadn’t thought of that. :worried:


Good lad arteta. Reckon he could still do a job for us seeing the state of some of our CM performances this season aswell.


lol @ Nasri


What the… Hacked?


probably yes :joy:


Whether true or not that’s what will be claimed haha.


That got me :joy::joy::joy:


LOL. I think this is the best tweet of 2016. Whoscored bringing the stats based banter :joy: :joy:


Deleted his account. Guess he didn’t know how to reset his password :joy::joy:


If someone has your phone changing the password does nothing.

Apparently IV’s are actually illegal so not only has his (ex) GF exposed his cheating, she might have gotten him banned.


Ok I go on twitter and it is on fire right now hahahahaha

No Idea why but some pics:

What the fuck lol. Sounds like Nasri’s GF has taken control of his account :arteta:

Also, these guys are not Doctors. I fucking wish…


Anyways, OA will have any updates as I get them.

Twitter correspondent, Electrifying out.


You can always forcefully log her out but by the time the damage was already done and he was probably better off deleting it as a whole.