Manchester City thread


Annoying as its another massive boost to Chelsea’s title hopes.


Really disappointed for him given his career and how awesome he has been.

Such is football that he’ll probably never play for City again, they’ll splurge £50m+ on someone else in the summer and he’ll be yesterday’s man by next August. Sad.

Who plays in his place? Fernando? Delph? Big drop off in quality


It should be Fernando-Delph-Tourè, but you know Pep always changes.


Probably throw a full back in there and get called a tactical master for it by all the hipsters.



Career ender surely? He’ll see out his days at Citeh, maybe ride it a little while longer with an extension as he plays a bit part role in the future.


Interesting to see people talk about Pepe trying to play the same way without the players bieng able to do it . Wenger has been doing much the same with us for years ! It works a few times when everyones on form and the best 11 are on the pitch but it doesnt happen often enough to win the league .
Our season more or less ended this week drawing bayern losing to everton and chelsea wining at sunderland ,barring catastrophe the chavs r going to win the league ,we wont beat bayern and so its FA Cup here we come .


If we lose to Man City, I think you might be right.
Chelsea should win the PL comfortably considering they have no European football and rarely get injuries.


Career ender? He’s 26, and these types of injuries take you out for about a year if I’m not wrong. Is this deliberate hyperbole?


It’s December plenty of twists and turns to come yet


Probably by Sterling and Silva on sunday.


Deisler retired when he was only 27 because he suffered many knee injuries.


According to Guendogan’s injury history he’s had 2 knee injuries. One that he just came back from that kept him out from May to September and this one now.

Real shame for him and Citeh. Class player.


Yup thats what happens on a spiral staircase !


He doesn’t possess a nice injury history does he? Serious injuries from previous years and now he has damaged knee ligaments in the same knee he dislocated earlier this year. He’ll likely be plagued with injuries for the rest of his career now.


LOL but in all seriousness facing a defensive/midfield spine of Stones, Otamendi, Fernando and Delph should be interesting


Definitley reasons for optimism there tbf. Just have a feeling that a win for Chelsea on saturday might hang over this game for both sides.
Injuruies apart City still have a lot of talent in the midfield and up top.


I’m not sure they do, they have some industrious players in Delph/Fernando and technical players who won’t press or defend, ie Toure/Silva/KDB. Their forward line will be quality but they either have to play 2 average cloggers to defend and suffer poor transitions or have Toure and a poor DM in Fernando who’ll be easy to pass around.


Still a far better team than Everton though. Stirling, Silva and KDB likely to cause us lots of trouble.
Im sure Pep will also come into his own in this game. Theres weakness in our teams set up to exploit here as well as a questionable mentallity.
Not saying you but some seem to be labeling this side like the united one we lost to last season.
I really dont see a win. Score draw at best but think we will get beat due to the respective managers.


That actually looks pretty reasonable compared the defensive spine we faced at Old Trafford in late Feb when we bottled that game :joy:


Gündogan is Gonedogan…

Cruciate knee ligament injury confirmed. Feel for the lad really, I quite rate him, when fit obviously.