Lucas Torreira (signed, closed)


Dood discobot is a fucking legend. Pretty convinced this one is in the bag now.


Discobot > Moley


Can’t argue this tbh.


It is getting serious



Uruguayan media


My first choice signing for our midfield this summer. So pleased it looks like we’ve secured him. :crossed_fingers:

This is the type of smart business I wanted to see!


We’re signing a Verratti/Kante hybrid.


All that would be left is to tell Jack it’s over.


Always playing the “penny-pincher” card. Just get him and move on.


Btw I think part of the reason there is a lack of pickup on English media is because they’re too busy covering the world cup and cultivating the collective boners of the nation before the eventual cold showers.


Well why would they write about midgets on Uruguay’s bench when they can write about the fantastic Harry Kane?


Yeah that or criticising the shape of Raheem Sterling’s morning shites.


Maitland-Niles and Ramsey both possibly given five year deals and we’re signing another centre midfielder. I can’t imagine Arsenal will add another long term contract of Wilshere, as midfielder, too that.


I can’t wait for this signing not to happen before the World Cup, for Torreira to have a banging tournament and then some cunt team offering him £175k/w.


This is probably not a big transfer in their eyes. Of course we have read/seen about him and are hyped, but we’re talking about a young midfielder from an Italian mid-table club for what is considered, these days, a very moderate fee.




Gazzetta dello Sport are now independently reporting a fee and terms have been agreed and Lucas Torreira will become an Arsenal player. Treated as done. #afc

— Sport Witness (@Sport_Witness) 12 juni 2018

@Titou14 we’ve got your man!

(I’m sure Arsenal is going to blow this somehow)




Don’t move it haha this has turned into a banter rumour thread. Would be better this time for a clean thread IMO


I’m really curious how Emery is going to set this team up. A Ramsey, Torreira, Xhaka midfield seems right up his ally. I’m not sure if I’d like that.


This rumour excites me.

I am going to go and buy tissues.