Lucas Torreira (signed, closed)


Arsenal4thetreble has spoken


Very good read



Ok assuming this guy is done, what else do we do/need?

For me:

Get rid:

Campbell (does this guy have one more year or not?)
Lucas (I can’t tell what is going on here, assuming he is out)

Leaving: Cazorla, BFG, Wilshere…

Added already:

Mavro, Papa, Lich

I think the 3 cost us around 20 million total (mostly Papa); salaries should be offset with “leaving,” so we have a lot to work with if we sell.

If I were king, Xhaka would be flogged too, but I recognize that is probably premature/rash - I don’t rate him and doubt he will become more than “ok” at best.

Sell those 5 above for 45-50 million and we should have at least 90-100 million to spend on 2-3 players and absorb their salaries comfortably against the 4/5…

So if we get Torreira for 30 million; we have 60-70 for 2 more. I’d assume AMN, RN, EE will all get more FT minutes… promote Martinez to back-up (better use of funds elsewhere, spend big on GK next summer). We have enough numbers everywhere but could use help on wing attack and CB at those funds.

Someone like Christian Pavon? seems like it wouldn’t be massive and work under those numbers… then for CB, not really sure - we will have Papa, Chambers, Holding, Mavro - if someone comes in, probably one of those goes on loan (which is right thing to do)… is there another prospect we could get for 20-30 million?


Just need Orny now :kos2:



Where would Mustafi even go? Inter just sign De Vrij on a free transfer. I think one more forward if we sign Torreira and we are giving it a go. I expect Ospina also to leave if he has a solid world cup. I’m still expecting us to sign a keeper.


Considering we’ve lost Mertesacker and Koscielny, I don’t think Mustafi should be sold.

Even if we sign Sokratis, we’d still be one down as Cagyar doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.


I don’t rate him frankly. I’d rather invest in Chambers and Holding and Mavro than persist… but the smart move would be to buy a proper top CB to pair with Papa - give 2 of the others cups and odd starts and serve as cover, loaning out the 3rd.

Another direction could be to roll the dice and invest massively in top, top winger and put all the rest of our investment there after Torreira and I would be ok with that.


We need to get it done asap FFS!



Fucking agents absolute scum!!


That’s the good agents that are absolute scum


If we can deal with the fat bastard like in January surely we can deal with this guy?


Nothing new really. Di Marzio going for those clicks.


The much saught after English source corroboration


Not really. They are probably copying what they’ve read from those Italian sources. Honestly you and I can start a football website too.


There’s a first time for everything right!
One can only hope


Wait a minute. I was looking for the article on their site and now I’m seeing Fabregas an article that he will be a BBC pundit for the world cup?! And is not included in the Spain squad?!


Yep. He wasn’t in the Spain squad and I’d say that’s a fair decision.

Also re the Mail, true, but always nice to see

No idea how true that is though^