Lucas Torreira (signed, closed)


Yeah should have just said ‘So Cazorla.’


Still blasphemy


Let’s get this over the line lads pls


Sounds like the latest in a long line of transfer window dreams being sold.


Where is Orny? :xhaka:


Dunno but we got all these Italian sources


Does he want 2.5 mil? Give him what he wants. Fucking being penny-pinchers with such “a low demand”.


I jumped the gun and followed him on twitter and insta yesterday :joy: gonna be awkward when he signs for Napoli and I have to unfollow him again :neutral_face:


You bring us bad luck :wink:


3 million euros!? That would be less than £55k a week. Wow, get this done Raul


Although those figures quoted are net (after tax) as opposed to the before tax figures we get in England.


As if anyone will disclose exact figures of their wage demand publicly.


Can’t wait to check him out in the world cup now, but of course international football isn’t a good gauge. Trash Xhkaka even looked decent in the euros a couple years back


Nothing from Orny? :unai:


Still think a long way to go. It seems Napoli are out of the race and are targetting Paet instead.

Good thing is, release clause ends 20th June - and World cup begins soon, so this saga shouldn’t last long. Hoping English sources report this too, as they have been quite so far.


Playing the penny-pincher card, then :mustafi:


This guy has really big ears! Dumbo?


Let’s just get this fucking deal done and be done with it. Secure his signature before the World Cup starts please.



€30m for a guy this highly rated is a steal!