Love Island chat, etc




Never seen the actual music video before…suits the mood of the song well


Just finished season 3 bosch big set up for season 4. 10 episodes a season just about right…a decent 8/10.


American Gods(Amazon original) made by Starz…if you like your what the fucks going on type shows this will be for you…It also has Ian Mcshane in it which cant be bad… Starts off quite bloody…
American Gods


S2E11 of Billions what an episode! The show would be nothing without the performances of Paul Giamatti, the man is a heavyweight!


I watched this last night. Have seen quite a bit about The Amazing Randi before but this was the best thing I’ve seen about him. Absolute legend for the way he exposes frauds and charlatans


Tales by light,season 2. programe about photographers on netflix filmed in ultra 4k.
. Tales by Light


I don’t know about nothing but yes he is fucking immense!! Absolutely loved the ending of the episode. Holy fuck!!


Better Call Saul

Have to say I’m really enjoying this season, top acting performances and great story.


I’m enjoying it more than Breaking Bad.


The most recent episode was absolutely brilliant, even if I did see Jimmy’s play coming from some distance.

I have to say I’m enjoying it as much as Breaking Bad, albeit in a slightly different way.

So great to see Huell again :blush:


Started watching the 2nd series of Billions. Great start to the season so far. Really like Damien Lewis


Just saw the season finale of Billions,it looks set for a 3rd season apparently, the 11th episode was something else, geat stuff!!


Fargo season three is teeing up very nicely so far.


I’m enjoying Fargo too. Even Ewan McGregor is good in his double role. It’s so nicely put together.


Saul has developed into a good show in it’s own right, just as Jake says in a very different way, yet much of its brilliance is borne from it connection to BB, the style and the genuine nature of the show.

For me it’s crazy to consider it better than BB as I think it owes any success it has to that show. By the third season of BB it had developed into groundbreaking television on par with anything else out there.

I love a slow burner but if Saul were to have came before Breaking Bad it would have been cancelled after season one or two. Greater concepts have been destroyed over less.


Holy shit I didn’t realise it had started.

Both Fargo and Better Call Saul on at the same time. The television Gods are smiling upon us right now


Is anyone watching American Gods? Already renewed for a second season.

First two eps have been pretty engrossing. I’d genuinely pay good money to have a tenth of Ian McShane’s charisma.


Eurovision has been fucking lit tonight.

Moldova :fire: :fire: :fire:


Serious question, wasn’t Australia only meant to be in Eurovision as a one off a few years ago? Why are they a permanent fixture these days :gabriel: Bad enough in the Football they play under the Asian banners instead of Oceania lol.