Love Island chat, etc


Archer is overrated… no better than James Bond


^ Fucking triggered.


The Bates Motel on Netflix. Really good show imo


“A Series of Unfortunate Events” on Netflix… Easy to follow and well done. NPH is great in his role as Count Olaf.



Season 2 is filmed in Ireland/Dublin… #TeamWidow


Meh, I started watching it. I got to the episode where the bloke died in his animal garden but didn’t watch any further. Kind of lost interest in it.


New series starts April 10th in USA.


I’m excited for Better Call Saul!!

Been watching The Designated Survivor, really enjoyed it actually. Wasn’t so sure I would enjoy watching Keifer Sutherland that much even though it does have a little bit of a 24 feel to it!


I enjoyed it myself but it really was beyond ridiculous as a storyline. :smile:


Just binge watched the entire last season of Suits in less than a day (yes I am sad, but that is a different discussion). I bloody love this show!


Started watching 13 reasons why, it’s another Netflix original. It’s more for the younger lot I think but I’m pretty hooked on it. Keeps you wanting more.


American Justice on BBC is provides a great insight. Hard-hitting and honest documentary. Highly recommended for those interested in crime and punishment, state level policy and polictics, race etc etc



Absolutely brilliant. Binge watched all 4 episodes this week. Gutted it was only 4 episodes though.

Must be holding two back for Christmas.



“Are you done?”
“Yeah, I’m done.”



The sweeney… And we aint had no dinner…


Just seen the first of Dave Chappelle’s newest specials on Netflix.



Amazing Hotels… Life beyond the lobby…
Ep 2. Mashpi Lodge, Ecuador

Ep 3 Giraffe manor. Kenya

Bbc iplayer


The Hollow Crown, the BBC series’ depicting Shakespeare’s history plays. Overall pretty decent.


season 1 Designated Survivor… fuck me, if it aint one thing its something else…but hes getting there…