Love Island chat, etc


Season 4 Episodes 8 and 9 Black sails…
1 to go after that… Good series…

Latest Walking Dead something nearly happened…


Season finale Legion… Very enjoyable series…look forward to a longer season 2.


Rick and Morty season 3 has premiere. This is not a drill Rick and Morty season 3 has premiere.



Link for those who missed the stream.


I’m just about half way through season 1. It’s brilliant. :slight_smile:


The not much will happen season finale.

Edit… Something happened.


Homeland season 6


Series finale Black sails…


Billions season 2, big fan of this one.

1st season trailer :


Snatch the tv show…
1 and half eps in…not impressed.


Boring so far i think. Paul Giamatti is fucking awesome though.


Slow build up indeed compared to the 1st season, when they had to develop the main story, still the 2nd season, has some new interesting characters, and yeah ,Giamatti’s the main man.


Just finished the 1st season of Sneaky Pete, I really enjoyed it, worth watching for sure.


Prison Break: The Sequel started in the US last night. Just watched first episode. :slight_smile:


Just finished the first season of Travellers on Netflix. It’s a good show. A little corny at times, but a really cool concept and there are some really good actors.

Edit: It does bug me that they’re trying to pass Vancouver off as Seattle though.


I’ve got mixed feelings about watching this. Does it work or is it totally ridiculous?


Honestly, only the 1st episode has been shown & without going into spoilers, it’s ridiculous from the very first scene. But, it’s always been a bit like that, hasn’t it? Plus, it’s only a 9 episode run, so it’s not something you’ll have to follow for 20+ weeks.


Was genuinely tempted to stop watching when Linc went through the car windshield into the lake without even getting a scratch. Show was the tits back in the day running with shows like Lost, but I guess I was just a dumbass teenager back when I loved it and TV hadn’t quite hit the golden era yet. Don’t think I ever managed to even finish the last season. It started out as a watered down version of Oz - which in no way was a bad thing - and slowly transcended into nonsense.

Last week or so I’ve been watching The Expanse, brilliant story with great visuals. Think Mass Effect style narrative, with more focus on realism. Bit of a sucker for Thomas Jane tbh too.


Tonight… :sunglasses:


^ That.

Barman: "That’s $26, plus tip."
Archer: "How about the tip of my cock?"
Barman: "Am I taking the tip in my hand or mouth?"
Archer: “…Asshole”… “Wait, I didn’t mean…”